4 Survival Skills That Your Children Should Have

If you’ve been serious about prepping and survival for any amount of time, you probably have skills, plans, and rules to follow for when a disaster might strike. While you might be full of practical knowledge for such a scenario, are your kids?

Today, I want to discuss several different survival skills that you should teach to your children when they’re old enough to understand. Educating them about dangers and providing helpful skills to practice will help to keep them safe and give you peace of mind.

When Lost, Stay Put.

When children discover that they are lost, they become frightened, panic, and then begin seeking out their family. Teach them that this instinct only makes finding them harder and to know that you are searching for them. Tell them to find a safe place near them and stay put. Alternatively, when venturing outside, you may want to invest in an inexpensive cell phone and pack essential items with them, such as water.

Keep Blinds Closed and Don’t Answer The Door When Home Alone

Teach your child about home security and to keep doors and windows locked, and blinds and curtains closed. Have them turn on a TV, or radio, as noise emanating from a house will cause a burglar to think twice about breaking in.

Rehearse Calling 911 & What to Do in a Medical Emergency

Practice makes perfect. Train your children to report an emergency, give detailed information to the dispatcher, to follow their instructions, and to stay on the phone until help arrives. If your children are ages 9 or up, enroll them in a first aid or CPR class.

Teach Situational Awareness

Teaching mindfulness will help your child avoid many dangerous situations. You can help your kids become more observant and aware by playing games with them, while riding in the car, you could ask them to describe items that you’ve just passed or how many cars of a certain color they can count.

Survival Skills for Grown Ups

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