Lee’s 2015 Predictions

So Lee, you think Barack Obama will declare emergency martial law sometime before he leaves office?

The odds favor it.

Why do you say that?

Mr. Obama’s extremism has spawned no less than 7 major crisis scenarios so far as I can tell. One or more of these is very likely to hit before he is scheduled to leave office.

Power grid collapse from additional terror assaults, solar flare or an EMP gridwrecking bomb…a bond market crisis…global war outbreak…major terror attack from emboldened U.S. enemies…medical pandemic that spreads inside the USA…widespread social upheaval…martial law due to any number of “triggers.”

And here is the key….what triggers a crisis is less important than how Mr. Obama plans to respond to it.

Can you elaborate?

You’ve probably heard that within a week of suffering major Congressional and state-level losses, the White House moved forward with
multiple unlawful executive actions. And almost all of them are in open defiance of what the voters asked for.

The best known one is showering amnesty over millions of foreign scofflaws. Imagine it! Millions whose very first act of “citizenship” is to cut in line ahead of others who actually do respect our laws. But that’s not what worries me the most.

What the media will never tell you – but I will – is that Third World diseases are making a comeback here in America. My point is that he appears to be completely unconcerned about clearly unpopular, unilateral actions that will actually kill voters.

Is all this because Mr. Obama is angry that so many white voters changed their mind about him? This is quite an in-your-face gesture and throws Mr. Obama’s party even deeper into goofy golf territory. He is risking a significant political realignment in white voters against his party that could last decades.

Whatever his deal, Mr. Obama has chosen to be a global citizen over a U.S. one on the question of banning flights from Ebola-infested countries. Your family and mine need true defenses, not political baby talk. Some of these Third World infections are absolutely horrible. And the truth is, Mr. Obama’s regulators have made new antibiotics nearly impossible for most people to get.

At our www.independentlivingnews.com website, we have a “Do It Yourself” section on the many things you can do to prepare for this situation.

But about your prediction of martial law. Even if a crisis presents itself, what makes you so certain that a lame duck president whose agenda was rejected by the voters can pull off a power grab like this?

Left wing revolutions tend to be driven by dedicated political minorities, not a real mandate. Take what I just touched on…haven’t you noticed? Mr. Obama seems angry at the mainstream voters who repudiated him. You know the saying, never wound a prince.

Right after the election, street demonstrations started scaling up, almost like a response. Many of the activists who dominate the airways during mass protests also have close ties to the Administration. Lots and lots of coincidences that are happening worry me, and I don’t go in for conspiracy theories.

Can you drill down on this, Lee?
Go wider on what you are talking

Let’s talk about the post-election wave of executive orders to bypass Congressional authority. Take Mr. Obama’s new global warming enforcement pact with Red China. It is the basis for an expansion of a regulatory juggernaut to ration your home use of electricity. Watch for this to expand and deepen the multi-billion program to force the “voluntary” and sometimes at gunpoint installation of smart electric meters throughout the nation.)

Mr. Obama recently made this barely cryptic comment about his intention to ration home energy use:

“We can’t keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times… and expect that every other country’s going to say OK.”

For whatever reason, Beijing gave Mr. Obama a big political plumb: He now has a legal basis for greater restrictions and to impose higher costs for U.S. electricity.

How will he implement a forced electricity
rationing scheme quickly?

A multi-state cascading power failure that lasts for weeks or months. I believe that this absolutely could happen and so do a lot of authorities on the subject.

It’s starting to creep into the news, but not enough to wake up the public so far. Take the front page of the December 3, 2014 USA Today. The top of the fold has a headline that blared, “Detroit outage sparks fears.” It cited Jeff Dagle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory chief electrical engineer. He said “Aging infrastructure is a concern that has been brought up in many reports.”

That same front page article noted that police, hospitals, traffic lights and fire halls were all without electricity for hours. Imagine the potential for social chaos if this were to become more than an isolated incident! The Detroit breakdown renewed “worries that aging power grids across the country are hotspots for catastrophe.”

The article brought up an American Society of Civil Engineers finding about U.S. ancient power transmission and distribution systems. Some 400,000 miles of electric lines were put in place not that long after the Civil War.

Yes, a major sustained crisis in the power grid is simply going to happen before action is taken. If it happens when Mr. Obama is still president,
you can count on an ugly scenario indeed. It will include massive looting and widespread violence in response to the many simmering social issues
the White House and its allies have been stoking up. There are three key reports you can get free at www.independentlivingnews.com

And he said something else after the election that worries you.

Not Mr. Obama directly, his key staffers. They’ve recently offered an ominous “small print” rationale to explain why the White House is openly bypassing Congress on big issues. Seeing as this came from high level aides who are privy to Mr. Obama’s private thinking, it should have gotten much more attention than it did.

The White House communications director said right after the election that Mr. Obama is now “more focused on outcomes than process.” This is an official White House statement.

Think about that. Translated, Mr. Obama is not bound by lawful, constitutional processes. It’s an open signal he is going to rule by crisis fiat, by emergency executive order and by his own personal authority and righteousness.

I have no doubt whatsoever that in a true crisis, the rest of Mr. Obama’s mask will come off for all to see. I am not waiting around for that moment. Have you been watching the “Reverend” Al Sharpton lately, calling for the nationalization of local police?

Al Sharpton?

Yes, locally elected sheriffs beware. Mr. Sharpton and millions of left-wing activists are creating street theater that gives the Justice Department political cover to strengthen federal controls over elected sheriffs. It is a trend law abiding Americans should fear.

In past issues, we’ve reported one really big way to create more accountability for police and criminals: body cameras. Where they are used, citizen complaints drop like a stone. I like the idea of law enforcement officers being held more accountable, because all communities, including the olice, have their bad actors. Plus, in most cases it will vindicate police who are unfairly accused, and help convict people who are a threat to society. I think everyone wins overall.

If you vote for your sheriff, bring this idea up because it can also help short-circuit the trend toward greater federal oversight of local law enforcement.


Better law enforcement accountability reduces the number of excuses for Mr. Obama’s Justice Department to butt into how communities choose to protect themselves from crime.

I can’t resist adding this: A recent Institute for Justice investigation revealed the existence of police department seminars that instruct officers on asset confiscation. The training videos recommend that law enforcement focus their attention on minor legal violations of people with nice cars, boats and houses. It also suggests that computers and diamonds are less desirable as confiscation targets.

On another subject, Lee, you think cheap U.S. energy is here to stay and that fracking will spread throughout the country.

In the pre-election edition of Independent Living, I suggested that voters from financially depressed states with lots of “fracking potential” would be heard from in this election. States like North Dakota are booming, and smart state legislators will all want to lead the charge to join this modern day gold rush. Republican gains in state legislatures are astonishing, so lots more state governments will be falling all over themselves to encourage fracking.

And there are pressures on Democrats, too. A report by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker about the severe financial crisis facing many potentially energy-rich states tells the story. The other author, Richard Ravitch, says lots more Detroits are on the way. Basically, union pension and retirement issues are crushing states and municipalities. These local governments need a new cash source and soon. In states where legalizing marijinana is not a political option, encouraging energy driven jobs is a clear path to generating potentially massive new tax revenue.

So it’s all about not missing the next best chance for big revenue by state governments, then.

With fracking comes money, water infrastructure projects to support it, and manufacturing opportunities galore. Good luck to the greenie obstructionists once this train is underway. For now this technology is limited to private lands in the U.S., but it will soon spread to replenish depleted oil fields across the globe.

I do agree that recent boosts in Saudi oil production – and thus supply – will put many fracking operations out of business. The House of Saud are old hands at fooling around with our politics through short-term price manipulations. So yes, for a while, fracking companies will have a boom-bust feel to them that will turn away lots of investors. However, this form of market manipulation is not going to stop the reintroduction of cheap, plentiful
gasoline to U.S. consumers over the long haul.

OK, new Republican majorities are about to be sworn in. Does Obamacare get repealed?

Not a chance until we get a new occupant in the White House. The best option is to gut the law, but nothing big can pass for another two years. Mr. Obama has already triggered a massive restructuring of insurance and other care options that are extremely destructive. The system is already transforming and isn’t coming back. Over 50% of private practice doctors either retired or fled to mega-hospitals in 2013, notes Dr. Bradley Allen, Director of the Children’s Heart Institute in Houston.

If you are over 50 and have to find another doctor, you may have difficulty finding one who will take you on as a patient.

What have you personally done about this Lee?

I wrote a detailed article about my personal preparations last month. If you have not seen it, please go see last month’s article on my website, www.independentlivingnews.com

My main argument is that you should recruit an advocate who works for you in the medical system – just as you must hire a lawyer to represent your interests in the U.S. legal system. This has become a matter of life and death for anyone over 50. Please read my article.

Anything else you’d like to bring to the attention of subscribers this month?

I am very curious to see how Independent Living subscribers feel about the current crop of presidential hopefuls in the Republican field for 2016. I have a SOUNDOFF POLL on my website. Can you just take a moment and vote by going to www.independentlivingnews.com?

I will report the results in the next edition of Independent Living.