Protect Your Digital Memories From a Devastating EMP

Almost every facet of our modern society depends on electricity being always available. If you’ve been prepping for any stretch of time, then you’ve probably heard of an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse. These large releases of energy are caused by solar flares that are discharged by the sun, but can also be triggered by detonating a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere.

A strong enough EMP could wipe out all electronics that haven’t been shielded. Supply chains will fail, food will spoil, we won’t be able to purify or pump water on a large scale, and many other electricity-dependent systems will falter. For a more in-depth explanation, click here.

The solution to protecting your electronic devices is to build what’s called a Faraday Cage that has enough layers of protection to negate the effects of an EMP and protect your devices. Fortunately, a Faraday Cage is relatively affordable for anyone who wants to play it safe, and protect say, their hard drive full of family photos, flash drive full of professional documents, and so forth. Here’s how you can build your own Faraday Cage, and save your treasured electronics.

Required Materials:

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic wrap, such as Saran, or plastic bags for each electronic item
  • Pieces of cloth for wrapping items
  • A cardboard box (The amount you’ll need depends on what all you’re protecting)
  • Galvanized steel trashcan (Optional; For storing a large amount of items)

How It’s Made:

  1. Wrap an item that you want to protect in cloth. This keeps the item from making contact with the aluminum foil and prevents sharp corners from piercing the foil.
  2. Wrap the device in plastic wrap or place it into a plastic bag.
  3. Wrap the plastic-covered item with at least three layers of foil. Ensure that the device is covered well by each layer.
  4. Put the foil-wrapped device into your cardboard box.
  5. Wrap the entire cardboard box in two layers of aluminum foil. (Having more layers means having more protection.)
  6. Store the wrapped box off of the ground.
  7. (Optional) Line your galvanized steel trashcan with cardboard and then place your wrapped items into it. Be certain that the foil is not touching any metal and that the lid fits tightly to the can.

Power Your Essential Devices After an EMP

The aftermath of an EMP is a frightening picture to imagine. The devices that still work after an EMP will eventually lose their charge, and with the entire electric grid annihilated, it will be hard to keep vital communications devices, and possibly your freezer, running.

Only a generator that is powered by a free, highly available type of fuel will keep your power running indefinitely. That’s why we’ve researched and designed the perfect solution: The PowerWhisperer; a quiet, portable, solar generator that is resistant to EMPs. Click here to learn more, and take the next step towards total protection for yourself and your family.