Are You Prepared? For Cavities?

Most savvy preppers have a backup plan for water, food, and shelter, but do you have a plan for your teeth? With numerous areas of survival to cover and plan for, dental care falls towards the bottom of the list, and sometimes isn’t even a list item. Here are a few dental essentials to pack in your bug-out bag.

Dental Essentials for
Your Bug-Out Bag


Tooth Brushes

You’ll want to pack as many toothbrushes as you can. To save space, travel-sized toothbrushes are available. When all else fails, even a toothbrush paired with water will go a long way towards keeping your dental health in check.


Even if you don’t floss now, pack dental floss into your bug-out bag. Floss is, in many cases, more important than toothpaste. Floss helps to keep plaque and food particles from getting caught along your gum line. As a bonus, the nature of floss allows you to use it for tying and many other tasks.


While not completely necessary, including toothpaste in your bug-out bag will help to keep your teeth free of plaque when a dentist isn’t around. You can also make your own toothpaste using baking soda or salt.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent, you already knew it could be used it for cooking, but it also makes a great “toothpaste” when mixed with salt. This multi-purpose essential deserves a spot in your bug-out bag.

Emergency Filling/Crown Repair Kit

Look for filling/crown repair kits to include in your bug-out bag. These will allow you to fix (or, in survival scenarios, add) a filling or crown before you can see a dental professional.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Peroxide can be used as a mouthwash to cleanse your mouth of bacteria that can cause gingivitis. Simply dilute it with water before use, and use it once or twice a day. It’s also great to have for disinfecting minor cuts.


Tea bags can help to relieve pain and reduce bleeding if a tooth needs to be removed or gums are swollen.

Clove Oil

This essential oil decreases pain from toothaches. This is handy to include in your bug-out bag for when there’s no anesthetic around.


Ginger is another item from nature to include in your bug-out bag. Biting peeled ginger is another way of temporarily relieving tooth pain.

Cold Packs

Coldness reduces swelling and with that, can also reduce pain. Just keep a layer of cloth between the cold pack and skin to protect the affected area. This makes cold packs another great item to include.

Now Your Teeth Are Prepared. Are You?

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