Ebola returns. Lee Bellinger offers advice.



The Ebola outbreak had been kept at bay through a period of self-isolation at the remote village of Koinadugu in Sierre Lione. Word just got out to the Red Cross that the village now has dead victims. It’s a big shock, and again raises the specter of the deadly virus reemerging in places authorities believed were safe.

Did you see Lee’s interview in this Month’s issue of Independent Living News?

He makes some great points about Ebola. He reminds us that the ZMapp experimental anti-Ebola medication is in chronically short supply as most has been sent to the affected areas in Africa and tells us what he’s doing right now.

Scientist Will Block sent me an article summarizing a little known report from the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Medical Diseases.

This research institute is considered the birthplace of medical biodefense and has the largest containment laboratory in the world.

Its essence is that epigallocatgechin gallate (EGCG) may degrade the spread of the horrible Ebola virus.

EGCG is an important component of green tea. The specific mechanism is that EGCG inhibits the virus “chaperone” HspA5. HspA5 is vital for Ebola replication, but when blocked, the growth of the virus is halted under laboratory conditions.

I am personally stocking up on high-quality green tea. I suggest you do so, too – before the public catches on that the last prescription drug lifeboat has pulled away.

Lifehack: There are also many green tea extract supplements, some are available in Costco and WalMart and are labeled as weight-control tablets.

FREE REPORT: Will Block is producing a report for me on this subject. I will send it to you via email. Drop a line to [email protected] with “Ebola Report” in the subject line, and I will forward you this key report free of charge.

Lee, you’ve had a lot of dire predictions about the collapse of antibiotics and a postantibiotic era coming to the world. Events are forcing yet more people to wake up to the danger, what do you recommend.

As Independent Living has been warning for many years, the politically imposed costs of bringing new antibiotics to the marketplace have choked innovation. The superbugs have caught up and overtaken old antibiotics. And now lots of people are dying as a result. Many of them are younger people in their thirties and forties, too.

Strange fungal postoperative complications are among many of the dangers of superbugs running more and more amok.I noticed that in September, even the Obama Administration tacitly acknowledged that the

FDA’s regulatory fist has caused the shortage of new antibiotics. A quietly issued Obama executive order has created a task force to fight the growing menace of antibiotics shortages and lack of innovation in that field.

Part of this plan is to curtail public use of antibiotics, so that means they will be much harder for you to get antibiotics going forward. The government is also going to throw $800 million to now suddenly “encourage” the development of new antibiotics – something the market was doing until regulators made development of antibiotics too cost prohibitive.

Silver Can Aid Your Body’s Defenses Against Infection

Earlier this year, the FDA recently sent a warning letter to Dr. Rima Laibow demanding that she cease talking about the health benefits of nano silver. Dr. Laibow has cited government studies showing that nano silver particles can potentially help the immune system fight off Ebola and other deadly diseases.

But the FDA doesn’t want you to know about this.

Dr. Laibow notes that “the FDA lacks the authority to approve or disapprove a nutrient.” Silverderived supplements, including nano silver and colloidal silver aren’t drugs and aren’t approved treatments for any diseases. Nor are zinc and calcium. They are basic elements!

The best defense against infection isn’t a hospital. It’s a strong immune system. Eating healthy foods and taking certain vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements in moderation can help boost your immunity.

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