Obama Hands China and Russia Control of the Internet

Obama Hands Control of Internet to the UN

The United States has long played a key role in the administration of the Internet. It has had authority over organization that assigns web addresses and domain names. A system that determines how the Internet is organized.

But Obama has different ideas about how the Internet should be run. Under Obama, authority over the Internet is being handed off to “global stakeholders”.

Obama and his ilk have kept this move very quiet. And for good reason.

Under U.S. authority, businesses and organizations have been able to count on respect for their freedom of speech and expression being upheld. In other words, they wouldn’t be denied a domain name or Web address based on beliefs. And they wouldn’t find their website suddenly blocked or shut down because they expressed controversial opinions.

Under international authority, governments like those of Russia and China will make a power grab. They’ll push for more control. They want governing bodies to say about what is and isn’t allowed online … not just in their countries, but anywhere.

The Poor International Record on Free Speech

Consider these facts…

The United Nations recently passed a resolution that advocated shutting down any websites that criticize Islam.

Earlier this year, the Russian government moved to lockout any websites expressing disapproval of its actions in Crimea.

China is well known for its Internet censorship. It keeps an iron grip on what its citizens can see online. And it arrests citizens who speak out on the Internet against the Chinese government.

Even India, which is a mostly democratic country, has a poor history when it comes to freedom of speech on the Internet. In India, you must remove “objectionable content” within 36 hours of receiving a complaint. But the interpretation of this law is wide open for abuse.

With Obama’s decision to hand control of website registration over to some vague international group, these nations — and many others like Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia — will gain input into what you can and can’t say online.

If you violate their rules — whatever they may come to be — you could find your website without a working web address.

Imagine the effect this will have on free speech around the world and on basic business practices within the United States.

Will you still be able to purchase books critical of Islam on Amazon? Will sites like American Lantern Press be forced choose between political correctness or shutting down?

This is a quiet disaster in the making. One that the mainstream media is completely ignoring.

International Governments in Control of the Internet

Up until now, the U.S. Department of Commerce has contracted with ICANN (the organization that assigns domain names and web addresses). The regulatory hand the Department of Commerce plays is light. It states that a free and open Internet is desirable. It oversees ICANN’s administration to make sure that ideal is upheld.

In 2015, the contract between the Department of Commerce and ICANN will expire. Obama has chosen not to renew it.

ICANN has instructions to put in place an oversight committee made up of global stakeholders. Even if ICANN plans to ensure that the Internet remains open and free, whether or not it will be able to is a question mark.

If its oversight committee is made up of governments and organizations that are opposed to free speech, the organization will be under immense pressure to act according to the committee’s desires.

Prepare for a Changing Internet

This change in the landscape of the Internet won’t happen overnight. It will be gradual.

Sites with universally offensive material will be targeted first. Most people won’t speak up to defend those sites. They don’t like the content and don’t want to be associated with it.

Then, the push control will extend a little further. And then a little further. Over the course of several years, the Internet will go from the last bastion of free speech to a place that has been sanitized. You’ll find only politically correct and accepted dialogue. Those with unapproved opinions will be shut out.

It’s not a pretty picture, but it is a very real possibility.

Take action today by contacting your Congressional representative. Contact your Senators, too. Let them know what you think of Obama’s decision to give control of ICANN over to international interests. Then tell your friends and family about this slow-moving disaster, and ask them to do the same.

The only way to stop this terrible decision is through Congress. And the only way to get Congress to act is for the public to apply pressure. A lot of pressure.

Also, start preparing for a world where it is harder to do business on the Internet. If you work online, look for a non-controversial side business that you can start and run. And now is a very good time to start developing practical, offline skills that will continue to be marketable in the changing economy.

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