Prediction Updates from Lee Bellinger

In a recent interview, Independent Living Founder Lee Bellinger shared recent prediction updates on the failing power grid, the current Ebola crisis, government privacy concerns and more.

These are excerpts from the interview. The remarks have been edited for repetition, focus and ease of reading:

Lee, What do you think of this Ebola crisis and what are you personally doing?

The breakdown of the U.S. border reflects dysfunction across the board. Mr. Obama is refusing to treat the spread of Third World diseases into the continental U.S. as the national security threat that it has become. Scientist Will Block sent me an article summarizing a little known report from the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Medical Diseases. This research institute is considered the birthplace of medical biodefense and has the largest containment laboratory in the world.

The essence of this report is that epigallocatgechin gallate (EGCG) is essential for degrading the horrible Ebola virus. EGCG is an important component of green tea. The specific mechanism is that EGCG inhibits the virus “chaperone” HspA5. HspA5 is vital for Ebola replication, but when blocked, the growth of the virus is halted under laboratory conditions.

In August, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, the sole U.S. maker of an experimental anti-Ebola drug, exhausted its supply. ZMapp, as it is called, was supplied to a number of Third World countries and is basically not available to most Americans.

I suggest you stock up on green tea before the public catches on that the last lifeboat has pulled away.

How can such a big story not be in the news?

What’s amazing to me is the Administration has declined to stop incoming international flights from the countries where the Ebola originated. In many West African nations, the disease originally leapt from animals to humans because it is common practice there for rural residents to eat bushmeat like fruit bats and monkeys.

How do we protect our families from this Ebola horror show?

Let me repeat: Get and drink high quality green tea. Right now that’s the best advice I have. Will Block is producing a report for me on this subject and if you send me an email I will forward you this key report free of charge.

Lee, you’ve had a lot of dire predictions about the collapse of antibiotics and a post-antibiotic era coming to the world.

I am definitely far from alone in that worry. And events are forcing yet more people to wake up to the danger. As Independent Living has been warning for many years, the politically imposed costs of bringing new antibiotics to the marketplace has choked innovation. The superbugs have caught up and overtaken old antibiotics and now lots of people are dying as a result. Many of them are younger people in their thirties and 40s, too. Strange fungal postoperative complications are among many of the dangers of superbugs running more and more amok.

I noticed that in September, even the Obama Administration tacitly acknowledged that the FDA’s regulatory fist has caused the shortage of new antibiotics. A quietly issued Obama executive order has created a task force to fight the growing menace of antibiotics shortages and lack of innovation in that field. Part of this plan is to curtail public use of antibiotics, so that means they will be much harder for you to get antibiotics going forward. The government is also going to throw $800 million to now suddenly “encourage” the development of new antibiotics – something the market was doing until regulators made development of antibiotics too cost prohibitive.

And there is more mess to come, isn’t there?

Dr. Henry L. Miller, a physician and molecular biologist and a fellow at the Stanford University, warns of the now-spreading meningitis outbreak. It is a devastating infectious disease that in its early stages is diagnosed as the flu. The disease often kills and results in amputations. Two major drug companies, Pfizer and Novartis, have submitted marketing applications with the FDA to sell their vaccines, but at last report it is all being held up by the FDA. My predictions is that it will take numerous Meningitis deaths to get these bureaucratic murderers off the dime.

What about reports of censorship for potential new medical breakthroughs?

The pro-Obama media have let the country down massively. They will have much to explain as the consequences of Mr. Obama’s decisions continue to come home to roost. The federal government is quite literally doing insane things as this major national biocrisis continues to mount.

Get this: The feds are actually prosecuting medical tech company heads for making public statements about treatment breakthroughs. It’s part of an ideologically hatched scheme to reduce health care spending by restraining the speech of private firms that promote expensive specialty drugs. The American Enterprise Institute publicized one case in which a federal judge sentenced the former head of a biotech company to six months of home confinement and a $20,000 fine just for sending out a press release about a drug. A press release! This is not a wild charge, contrary to what left wing nuts say. The censorship of medical breakthroughs charge is made by Scott Gottlieb, deputy commissioner of the FDA from 2005-2007.

As a result of all this, we are seeing the rise of drug-resistant Tuberculosis now coming into the USA. There are now a reported 500,000 new drug resistant cases every year and that number is growing fast.

The government has made a hash of protecting us all when it comes to the introduction of new drugs to combat theses rising threats. Their crackpot actions are nothing short of criminal.

You have been predicting major power grid collapse for some time. What is the latest?

The good news is that this past summer was comparatively mild and there was less strain on the system than normal. But grid collapse is on its way. Now some of Mr. Obama’s allies have noticed that the administration’s crazy scheme to take more than 100 gigawatts of electricity off line within 5 years will compromise “the reliability and safety of the electrical grid….a danger to the entire economy and all Americans.” That’s the observation of Edwin D. Hill, president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Of course, Mr. Hill is worried about union jobs. Former Director of the CIA, author of Electric Armageddon, James Woolsey, quotes billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer, who recently warned that the detonation of a simple electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon is the most significant threat facing America. In 2008, the EMP Commission estimated that within a 12 month blackout, up to 90% of the U.S. population could possibly perish from “starvation, disease and social breakdown.

Similar conclusions have been made by the National Academy of Sciences, the Department of Energy, the Federal Regulatory Commission, and the National Intelligence Council.

A sneak EMP attack is likely to happen at some point. And Mr. Obama’s deliberate policy of dismantling our very old power grid by taking coal plants off line without replacing them guarantees at minimum electricity rationing. The inmates have taken charge of the asylum.

You are inventor of the PowerWhisperer home energy backup unit. How are sales going?

We cannot build them fast enough! It is the only EMP resistant solar generator in America so far as I know. We had some delays because the Obama Administration targeted us under Operation Chokepoint concerning the shipment of solar panels. That slowed us down but we found another way to get the panels. I can’t say any more about this right now but plan to, rest assured. I am very sorry for any customers who experienced a delay in shipment. We worked out the problems, that’s all I can say.

Can you bring us up to speed on the status of other predictions you have made in the past year?

Mr. Obama’s passive-aggressive policy toward China continues to increase the chance of a direct U.S. clash with them in the South China Sea before he leaves office. My prediction is that China will strike at Japanese ships and planes (in what I would call a short, sharp war) at some future point. If so, our mutual defense pact with Japan is activated and puts us into the square of the fight. Mr. Obama has cut our Navy to about 100 deployable ships even as he has (through Japan) quietly extended the U.S. military umbrella to numerous small countries in the South China Sea. In effect, Japan is making alliances in our name to protect the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam and many others embroiled with territorial disputes with Beijing.

The Administration is explaining away growing military brinksmanship in the South China Sea as the work of rouge Chinese commanders. Much of the new missile technology that the Chinese have to take out U.S. capital ships in South China Sea waters came to them from the Clinton Administration. If Hillary Clinton thinks that Benghazi was a big issue for her, wait until the Clinton-era technology handed over to Chinese interests for cash leads to the destruction of a U.S. warship.

Any stories of interest to share?

Yes, take the sudden drop in armed robberies in Chicago. They have dropped by 20% in just one year. The homicide rate in Chicago has dropped to a 56-year low. The only change in policy that I can see to explain this miracle in law enforcement success is the fact that the state of Illinois started granting conceal carry permits. Lots of law abiding citizens got guns so the criminals no longer enjoy their monopoly on firepower.

What else?

Major corporate collaborators of the Obama Administration have thrown the White House under the bus. When customers of Microsoft and Google learned how those companies had betrayed their privacy to federal snoops, both companies reversed course. In addition, both companies ran into flack in international markets and opened the door to more privacy respecting software companies.

I am loving it. In September, both Google and Apple said they would begin encrypting data on their cell phone devices so that police cannot unscramble it – even with a warrant! Now the heads of Apple and Google say that the federal government brought it all down on themselves and the finger pointing has begun.

What do you think of that new Congress?

Don’t worry about passing a thing over the next two years. Instead schedule vote after vote on U.S. energy independence. Go after Lois Lerner and her cohorts for using the IRS against Obama critics. Lerner pleaded the fifth and gets to retire on a $100,000 per year pension. You cannot allow the abuse of the IRS for politics to stand. It was an article of impeachment for Richard Nixon and now the left has a mouse in their mouth.

Hold hearing after hearing on bureaucratic abuses of power, with the more absurd abuses the better. Focus voter attention on abuse of our First Amendment rights. More hearings into government ammo buying and Operation “Chokepoint.” Don’t worry if the media ignore the hearings – if they hold them consistently it will filter out to the voters and set the stage for who gets elected president next.

Another great issue to hold hearings on is mandating federal law enforcement bureaucrats to wear cameras and recorders on their person while on duty or interfacing with the public. It is time to turn the tables on law enforcement so that they are more accountable to the people. Encourage state laws which do the same thing at every opportunity.

Last thoughts?

Yes, thanks to all our great readers for letting me serve you. It is fun and it is an honor.