Don’t Play Russian Roulette with Your Emergency Preparedness

The Obama administration continues to tighten sanctions around Russia’s economy. In September, new sanctions hit some of Russia’s biggest companies, including Gazprom and Lukoil.

The West is forcing Vladimir Putin to forge tighter alliances with trading partners such as China. They’re now trading directly in their own respective currencies, bypassing the U.S. dollar. A Russia/China/India/Iran axis, or Eurasian Union, represents a significant threat to U.S. dollar hegemony.

“The new Eurasian union is a force to be reckoned with,” says Marin Katusa, an analyst with Casey Research. “You have two choices: you can be aware of it and try to profit from it. Or you can pretend that America is the sole leader in the world and you don’t have to worry about the petro-dollar.”

Much of the world needs Russia’s natural resources more than they need dollars. Many European countries depend directly on Russian oil, gas, coal, and uranium. Nearly half of the world’s uranium processing capability exists within Russia. Putin’s “Mother Russia” is also a leading supplier of palladium. Investing in natural resources is a logical strategy to consider.

Investing in Russia’s resource producers has gotten challenging. Especially as the sanctions put on Putin escalate and so do his retaliations. The geopolitical situation could get very dangerous very quickly. Putin recently reminded the world that he has nuclear weapons and could “take Kiev” anytime he wanted…or attack a U.S. city.

Are You Prepared for an EMP Attack?

World War III seems unlikely. At least for now. Russia’s ability to wage cyber attacks or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks is a more immediate concern. Russia’s weapons technology could easily slip in to the hands of terrorists or regimes that are allied with the Kremlin.

As the Wall Street Journal (August 12, 2014) reported, “Rogue nations such as North Korea (and possibly Iran) will soon match Russia and China and have the primary ingredients for an EMP attack.” It’s also been reported that Russia is supplying North Korea with the tools necessary
to wage an EMP attack that could cripple our high-tech economy.

The U.S. has apparently already been the victim of multiple cyber attacks from Russia. According to Bloomberg (August 27, 2014), “Russian hackers attacked the U.S. financial system in mid-August, infiltrating and stealing data from JPMorgan Chase and at least one other bank, an incident the FBI is investigating as a possible retaliation for government-sponsored sanctions…”

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How technology-dependent are you? That’s a question you need to consider in your emergency preparedness. What if the power grid goes down or an electro-magnetic pulse disables most of your gadgets? You’ll be glad if you have ample stocks of food and water reserves, along with survival tools that don’t require electricity. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

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