My Election Predictions

What Will It Mean if
Republicans Win Big?

These November Congressional elections are pretty interesting, even to me. I reported on the ins and outs of politics for almost two decades, and kind of got burned out on it. Not this time around.

Small government candidates have an epic chance to begin rebooting freedom – so long as the GOP does more than just make anti-Obama noises. What happens next month sets the path to the White House in 2016.

For example, Hillary’s forces can outflank the GOP by claiming to offer real growth for real people.

The Global Strategy Group says voters favor by 80% to 16% a candidate who focuses on economic growth over income equality. Seventy-one percent agree the “Great Recession” is here to stay, as compared to just 49% in 2009.

Hillary vs. Obama: Watch This One Carefully!

Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House is to throw Barack Obama under the bus. She is road-testing a scheme to capitalize on the “booming 1990s.” That’s why GOP candidates need to emphasize substance. Good ideas I’ve heard include Obamacare opt-out plans, regulatory relief, IRS reform, energy independence and armed neutrality.

Is it possible for the GOP to re-take the Senate? Or will Democrats keep the Harry Reid Senate by repudiating some of Mr. Obama’s extremist policies? And by avoiding him like the plague on the campaign trail? This year everyone seems to be running to Mr. Obama’s right. (Despite whatever is really on their minds.)

In August, about 659,000 new jobs went to foreignborn Americans. About 643,000 U.S. born citizens lost their jobs in that same period. Nearly 3 million jobs have been generated by the economy since Mr. Obama took office. U.S. born citizens got only about 1.2 million of those jobs.

Obamanomics is Finally Seen
as The Failure That It is

For endangered Democrats in red states, it’s about hiding in a bunker. No Democrat wants to be too close to the White House.

Obamanomics’ fallout could help galvanize support for basic freedom issues. Especially in relation to overbearing government.

Mr. Obama knows that his “over-reach” is a problem. So the White House is pulling in its horns on some issues for now. For example, Democrats shelved using executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegals. That’s for after the election. The Administration has also “reexamined” it’s turning of local police into army units.

Mr. Obama’s FBI recently launched – and then abruptly dropped – a media surveillance program to catalog critics. It took only a few pointed questions from The Washington Times to make the FBI shelve this crap, for now.

These election year “changes’’ are cosmetic. But they show that Mr. Obama knows what he is doing. He wants to hide his cynical power grabs. He cannot be straightforward – but freedom agenda candidates can be.

No wonder Mr. Obama tried to goad gullible Republicans to push for impeachment. After all, in the 1998 elections following Bill Clinton’s impeachment crisis, Democrats gained a net of 5 House seats. (Normally in a president’s sixth year, his party takes a significant loss in Congress.) Good thing the GOP did not take this obvious bait.

Then we have Mr. Obama’s partisan prosecutors. They hint at what might happen to Mr. Obama’s critics in a sudden, dire emergency. His attorney general, Eric Holder, has said many things that suggest a paranoid personality disorder.

So far partisan prosecutors have ensnared four Republican governors with presidential ambitions in blatantly phony scandals. And a whole lot of lesser-known victims, too.

These include former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and most recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry. And take careful note that all of this has been done without a crisis.

Something Good May Come Out of
Mr. Obama’s Second Term, After All

Mr. Obama may be a “legacy” president, being the first black Commander in Chief and all. But do you find the color thing as tired and boring as I do? I think he leaves a far more groundbreaking accomplishment – one the left does not want you to catch on to.

My big prediction is that the left’s long game of racial divide-and-conquer is falling apart. That’s an epic sea change for the USA. Mr. Obama’s election and re-election has reduced collective “white guilt.” For the first time since the Civil War, we could see a more monolithic white vote on some basic freedom issues.

Some on the left are worried. Take a recent New York Times op-ed, “Whites Just Don’t Get It.” Mr. Nicholas Kristoff is deeply upset by what he calls “a 2011 study by scholars at Harvar d and Tufts,” which, “found that whites, on average, believed that anti-white racism was a bigger pr oblem than anti-black racism.”

Mr. Kristoff’s fears are America’s salvation. Denial is a part of blatant racial double standards. And I say it is all thanks to Mr. Obama. Where is this
Caucasian threat Eric Holder worries about? Who pushes for a white Congressional Caucus, or a National Association for the Advancement of White People, or even the White Entertainment Network?

That would all be racist, right?

I’ve Never Met Anyone
Who Likes Skinheads, Have You?

I refuse baggage from the skinheads and the haters. Most white voters, like me, would jump at the chance to vote for a pro-freedom black president, or a woman, or both. It would be a proud moment. But Mr. Obama slipped by millions as a false civil libertarian. A pretender who
played the freedom card with young swing voters.

Look, racial issues are touchy. But remember that is by design. Never shirk from being pro-freedom, because that is good for everyone. Cynical and corrupt leftists plot to divide the voters along racial lines. For decades, their insidious social conditioning has bashed freedom movement after freedom movement. Their total control of the black vote, about 13% of the electorate, is almost unshaken.

Enter GOP establishment blather about needing to “move left” toward minority voters. The facts just don’t support this big lie. Yes, GOP racial outreach for better education and more business opportunities helps everyone. But keep your eye on the ball.

Caucasians actually make up 71% of the electorate, not 13%. If they voted even a little more in lockstep, it would change U.S. politics decisively.

Be Glad There is No White
Version of Al Sharpton

So divided white voters are the true 900-pound gorilla in USA politics. It’s always been there, but does not know its own strength. Traditionally,
white voters do not act as a bloc. Many are sensitive to race relations. That’s understandable – most see themselves as fair and open-minded.

Still. Every time the GOP loses elections, big government Republicans tell us that appealing to white voters makes the party demographically doomed. That Republicans need to move left.

You’ve heard that movements start with idealism, become a business, and ultimately a racket. That is the modern civil rights movement. And the wheels are coming off the cart.

Here are some other things about the coming elections:

RealClearPolitics says that the GOP is poised to pick up a net 7 seats in the Senate, giving the party a majority with 52 seats. However Georgia and Louisiana are considered to be likely places for post-election runoff campaigns. If so, that could delay the final outcome.

As for predictions that Mr. Obama may benefit from the energy boom….it’s just not panning out that way. Growing majorities in states like Ohio and Michigan see fracking technology as a rich source of jobs, despite warnings about threats to the environment.

Cheaper USA Energy Potential in Rustbelt
States is Killing Pro-Obama Candidates

Mr. Obama’s stance against USA fossil fuels and cheap energy is at odds with a Rustbelt manufacturing revival. More turbulence from the Middle
East underscores Mr. Obama’s stance against the growing popularity of energy independence among swing voters.

In 2012, Obama’s approval rating with female voters was 55%. It is now at 44% and dropping. Self-described moderates support Obama at 42%,
down from 56% in 2012. (Source: August 8 McClatchy-Marist nationwide survey.)

Michael Barone is America’s top political expert and author of the Almanac of American Politics. He says that even in states where “Tea Party”
candidates lost, they were generally by much narrower margins of victory for incumbents. This has not made headlines, but the insiders have noticed.

There is a big back-and-forth inside the GOP on how hard to bash Obamacare. And more importantly, how much money to spend on TV ads bashing Obamacare. Most insurance rate hikes are coming in 2015, not in time to sway the election. However, the GOP has a big push planned in states where massive hikes are coming.

How Free Cell Phones Helped
Sink Mitt Romney in 2012

Mitt Romney and the GOP got caught flatfooted in 2012 by the Democrats’ high-tech voter outreach programs. Massive cell phone giveaways to the unemployed by the White House killed the GOP in states like Ohio.

All the Obama people had to do was send out millions of text messages to get their voters to the polls. The GOP and its support groups appear to have caught up.

What this all adds up to is, voter remorse over re-electing President Obama may propel Republicans to take the Senate. But the majority would be slim. It would consist of many establishment Republicans. And they would be resistant to shaking things up in Washington.

My take: The potential for tyranny remains very high, but there is also hope.

You need to be ready for both. We won’t be out of the danger zone of this administration for another long two years.