Is Obama Arming ISIS?

Is Obama Arming ISIS?

Breaking News: The House and Senate have both voted to give President Obama the authority to arm and train Syrian rebels.

This is the Obama plan to defeat ISIS.

I’ll skip past the part where Obama’s premature drawdown in Iraq has directly led to the rise to power of the most dangerous terrorist threat we’ve seen in 13 years … perhaps ever.

Instead, let’s just focus on the plan. Because this plan has a high probability of putting America at higher risk rather than helping to protect our security.

Government Just Doesn’t Learn

The top concern with this strategy is that any weapons we give to the Syrian rebels will fall into the wrong hands.

It’s happened before.

We provided weapons to Iraq to aid them in their fight against Iran. Later Saddam Hussein misused those weapons. He turned him against his own citizens in a horrific attack.

In 2013, terrorists in Libya stole dozens of highly armored vehicles, 100 handguns and more than 100 M4 rifles. Those were weapons we provided to Libya to help them with their security.

Many of the weapons already in ISIS’s hands have come from us. From military equipment that we left with the Iraqi army.

The U.S. has already indirectly armed ISIS by providing weapons to undisciplined military forces in the region. And now we’re about to do it again.

Can We Even Trust These Guys?

Aside from history repeating itself, this rotten deal has a lot of other red flags to worry about.

First of all, the Syrian rebels have been fighting against Syria’s corrupt leader, Bashar al-Assad, for years now in a civil war. Secretary of State, John Kerry, assures us that he is convinced that once we arm them, the rebels will stop fighting against Assad. That they’ll make defeating ISIS a priority.

Kerry offers no evidence to back up these assurances. Robert Ford, a former ambassador to Syria, has stated a different opinion. He thinks expecting the freshly armed Syrian rebels to turn away from Assad as a target is “unrealistic.”

Second, rumors are flying that the Syrian rebels—the very rebels on who we are hinging our hopes of defeating ISIS—have already signed a non-aggression pact with … you guessed it … ISIS.

Third, evidence exists that the rebel forces in Syria are working closely with extremist terrorist groups. U.S. intelligence reports that one in five Syrian rebels should be considered extremists. They may already have connections with ISIS that we don’t know about.

I predict one of three things will happen.

Either the Syrian rebels will take the weapons we give them and use them for their own purposes to fight against Assad’s forces … or ISIS will attack the Syrian rebels

and take the very supplies we sent to try to defeat them … or the Syrian rebels will end up working with ISIS.

No matter which of those scenarios comes about, U.S. national security takes a hit.

The Threats Keep Rolling In

Meanwhile, ISIS is escalating its threats to hit Americans on U.S. soil. Its latest threat comes in the form of a slickly produced video that shows jihadists attacking U.S. soldiers, and that also contains footage of the White House being scoped out for an attack.

The risk of another terrorist attack on our soil is higher than ever. And Obama and Washington’s mishandling of the situation only increases the risk. We are truly living in a time when it is critical to be ready for anything.

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