Ouch! – Your Bad Habits Are Now Public Information

Like always, I am going to spell out the problems first. Because this situation motivated me to develop solutions – both for me and those I love. So OK, this may scare you, but I will not leave you hanging.

Let me go straight to a personal point I’ve made to you before. A fairly well-to-do neighbor of mine contracted lung cancer. He never smoked and the disease took root in an inoperable area near his heart. In the last week of his life, the hospital ran out of morphine. Four terrible days of unimaginable suffering late last spring.

I’ve been warning you for some time: The critical drug supply chain in this country is collapsing under tough government price controls. Now is not a good time to get sick and the risks are going to become greater and greater going forward.

This is the moment to develop your PLAN B to American-only medicine. This may well be one of the most important articles I have ever written for your family. Because things have changed.

Your doctor is your overseer. That is what Obamacare enforcement bureaucrats think. And since they think so, it really does not matter much what your doctor thinks. Medical professionals are now mere puppets of their political overseers.

I am sure your doctor is a very nice person. Regardless, your doctor must submit your personal records to a government-run national database. It is the law. No wonder so many smart people are opting out. Watch for future bulletins on how to do that.

Check Out This Spooky
Obamacare “Fine Print”

Let’s go over some disturbing details underlying the government healthcare exchanges. Federal and state exchanges provide “service” to medical consumers. But to get all that great “free” Obamacare, you must go through its privacy wrecking “exchange” system. Its fine print is clear: Your personal medical information becomes public record. All of it, including your health history, goes straight to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). But that’s just for starters.

Buried in a 253-page Obamacare rule is this language: “HHS would verify applicant information with information from the federal and state agencies or programs that provide eligibility and enrollment information regarding minimum essential coverage.”

Translation: Your medical records belong to all government agencies. The IRS. The TSA. The Justice Department. Whoever has an agenda to take your freedoms.

Hopefully future highprofile critics of big government won’t have any embarrassing health issues. Because we all know what happens then. Their embarrassing or private medical information becomes “news.”

Why Take the Word of a Patient When
a Bureaucrat Can Just Look It All Up?

What kind of information will all these government agencies be “sharing?” Your medical history. Lab results. Your insurance information. Just to name a few.

Watch for government agencies to play fast and loose with your personal and medical data. The IRS has set the precedent. It’ s OKAY to use personal information against critics.

Big hospitals and hackers are already in on the data boom. So far as they are concerned, snooping is in the public good. So what if they find out about your personal habits from your credit card purchases! Hospitals say it will help them to better“understand” their patients’ lifestyle choices.

Everything about you is now of public concern. Hey, you are getting government-controlled care. So it is now public business how often you go to the gym. And buy liquor, or buy cigarettes. The list is endless.

Here’s How to Keep Your Health
History as Private as Possible

Take these three steps to protect your medical privacy.

  1. First, if you can avoid the exchanges, please do. Don’t purchase your health insurance through them. It doesn’t matter if they are state or federal exchanges. Use the exchanges only if you want federal subsidies. But remember the price. He who pays the bills has the power. Frankly, it’s already crowded enough working with an insurance company. Why add federal bureaucrats into the mix?
  2. Second, ask about the privacy policy used by your doctor, hospital, and insurance company. Specifically ask about opt-out options or notification options when it comes to data sharing. This will give you some control over who gets to see your data and when. You may meet with resistance. Be prepared to be very insistent, and eventually you’ll get the information that you need.
  3. Finally, start making “lifestyle” purchases in cash. This goes for anything that the government might use against you. This includes alcohol, cigarettes, ammunition, candy bars. This will help ensure that your doctor visits are about you.

Please remember that when it comes to side-stepping Obamacare, you are not helpless. You are not without options. You are not without hope. It’s all about developing your options now, while you can.