4 Life-Saving Steps to Survive a Public Killing Spree

4 Life-Saving Steps to Surviving a Mass Shooting,

So You Can Tell the Story

In a moment I share some survival tips if you ever get caught in a mass shooting.

But first ask yourself: Why didn’t mass shootings happen a century ago? After all, pretty much every American owned a gun. Firearms laws were almost nonexistent. So why not more gun violence then? Let’s look at what’s true now that wasn’t true then.

  1. Today: Drama! Shooters turn social losers into instant national celebrities. Misguided girls even want to date them once they are famous. Household names. Legends in their own time.
  2. Today: Widespread use of psychotropic drugs. Mood altering stuff — distributed to schoolchildren. Depression. Highs. Back to depression and despondency.
  3. Today: Mass media and Hollywood peddle violent content. Social conditioning for violence runs deep now.
  4. Today: Addictive-to-young-mind gaming which emphasizes violence.

So why all the gun rights bashing after one of these big shootings nowadays? Pretty much every shooting are tied to points 1-4 above. Even actor John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln thinking it would make him a big folk hero.

Mass shootings are rare. But like plane crashes involving lots of people, such events touch a primal chord.

Surviving the Unthinkable:

What Others Have Done

These tips can help keep you alive.

  1. Don’t Become a Target

If you hear gunshots ring out, don’t be easy prey. Stay quiet and calm. Screaming or panicking will draw attention. Possibly the shooter’s attention.

Keep your head about you and protect yourself. The best immediate action you can take is to get down. There’s a reason you hear people shout, “Hit the deck!” when bullets start flying in the movies. It’s because a target that is lower to the ground is harder to hit.

  1. Locate the Shooter

Once you’ve made yourself a harder target to hit, the next step is to locate the shooter. You don’t need an exact location of the shooter … just a general direction. (Hopefully you’re not so close to the shooter that you know right where he is.) Knowing where the shooter is can help you determine your best option for survival.

If you have a clear path to safety, take it. There’s no shame in running under these circumstances. As you run, if you see other people, encourage them to run with you. More people survive a shooting by running away than by any other action.

When you run, run in a crouch. You want to continue to stay low and to make a smaller target that is difficult to hit.

  1. Find Cover

Don’t mistake concealment for cover. Concealment blocks you from the shooters view—which can be useful—but it does not protect you from bullets. Cover does.

Some good examples of cover include:

  • Pallets or shelves of water or soda if you’re in a grocery store
  • Concrete or brick walls in a school
  • Reinforced pillars in a mall
  • Trees in a park

Keep in mind that cover often only works in one direction—if the shooter moves, you’re cover may become useless.

If you are in a setting where you can barricade yourself in a room, that is also a good option. In a mass shooting, the shooter is usually focused on the easiest targets possible. They won’t usually work to enter a room that is locked or barricaded. They may, however, shoot bullets through the door, so once you’re barricaded in, lay down. Again, to make yourself a harder target to hit.

Engaging the Shooter

In a worst-case scenario, you’ll be forced to confront the shooter, either to protect yourself or to protect others. If you are armed, now is the time to fall back on your training, and use your weapon.

Aim high. Strike at the shooters head, shoulder, neck, and eyes. Attacking these areas gives you the best chance of forcing him to drop the gun. If possible, use something as a weapon—a broken bottle, a carafe of hot coffee, a pair of scissors—these are all better than just your hands in a fight.

Fight the shooter down with a group of people if you are cornered. This creates multiple targets. Mass-shooting situation, but it can happen without warning.

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