Killer TV Remotes? Hotel Horror Germ Story

The Dirty Secrets Hotels Would Rather You Not Know About

The U.S. border has become a Third World transmission belt for ugly diseases to enter our country. It is getting downright unsafe to go in public places. And as you know from previous editions of HealthEdge, conventional antibiotic treatments are losing out to superbugs.

Even when you check into the privacy of your hotel room, you’re not safe from germs. Even in clean, gleaming, upscale hotels, the rooms may harbor invisible grossness in the air, in the carpets, in the bathroom, and on just about any of the objects you touch.

What’s the most germ-loaded object in a typical hotel room? Surprisingly, it’s not in the bathroom, which is regularly cleaned. According to a 2012 study, it’s the TV remote, which is regularly touched, rarely cleaned, and difficult to disinfect. Studies have found that the typical hotel room remote control is often infested with fecal bacteria. As well as bacteria that cause strep throat and staph infections.

That’s why disinfecting alcohol wipes must be in your travel kit. Wipe down the remote and other questionable objects before handling them.

Always Ask for Fresh Sheets

and Towels in Your Hotel

Hotels are increasingly pressuring guests to reuse their towels. They are urging them to avoid having their be

d linens changed daily. In their literature, they say it’s for the sake of conservation and environmental protection. In reality it’s mostly about hotels wanting to conserve on their laundering costs!

Fair enough – most of us don’t need our sheets changed daily. And can ask for fresh towels when you want them. The important thing is that the sheets and towels are freshly cleaned. And when you check in – which any reputable motor inn should do.

What most hotels rarely do is wash the bedspreads or comforters. It’s common for hotels to only wash them every 60 to 90 days. Yikes! Avoid direct skin contact with these potentially filthy bed toppers. Don’t don’t place clean clothes or personal effects, or luggage on top of them. Keep your suitcase away from the bed, and don’t lay it down directly on the floor.

Hotel Horrors for People

Who Use Filthy Bedspreads

That’s because in a worst-case scenario bed bugs or other uninvited parasites could move in. Even high-end hotels can suffer bed bug infestations.

Microbial bugs and toxins can invade your lungs through the air. The quality of the recirculated air you breathe in hotel room may be poor. In Japan, where cleanliness is an obsession, air purifiers often come standard inside hotel rooms. To protect yourself from polluted indoor air, bring your own portable hypoallergenic air filter with you when you check in.

Travel hotels are a germ nightmare. Be aware of this when handling bed comforters, towels and sheets.

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