The Center Isn’t Holding

Lee Bellinger Cuts Loose

Question: Lee, you have been talking about the “lame duck” situation with Barack Obama. You make it sound like it will be a dangerous situation when he leaves office. What do you mean by that?

Lee: He’s more like the proverbial ‘wounded prince’ than a lame duck. Look, I generally avoid making specific rants about specific politicians. There are lots of qualified observers who follow the political scene in real time. My professional focus is on practical steps to be safer in an unsafe world. A long time ago I accepted that evil people are far more drawn to politics than in most other occupations. My focus has been on helping individualists protect themselves from the system.

Mr. Obama genuinely scares me. What a petulant presidential temper. He is genuinely angry at his opposition. Mr. Obama makes no secret of his hatred of the alternative media, or desire to muzzle it. His attorney general Eric Holder said in July he can’t sleep at night due to the white racist threat. Such galloping paranoia makes it a small wonder Mr. Obama’s appointees feel so justified going after their opponents. That his IRS has gotten away with burying their crimes is an ominous precedent. That should
have been the international “enough” line, but wasn’t. One of the articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon was for abusing the IRS.

Question: There are other dangerous situations that Independent Living has been reporting on that aren’t getting much attention from the mainstream media. What else is on your radar right now?

Lee: All spectrums of political observers have begun to notice that we are at an ominous tipping point for oppressive government. At the recent FreedomFest conference in Nevada, I met the author of the book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.” Author Radley Balko has worked for the left-wing Huffington Post, the libertarian Reason magazine and now The Washington Post. His book talks about the rising tide of military SWAT raids that are remarkably consistent with Independent Living’s earliest reporting on this subject.

From Mr. Balko’s book: “If the government wants to make an example of you by pounding you with wholly disproportionate use of force, it can. It’s rare that courts or politicians even object, much less impose consequences.”

Lots of family pets are getting killed in these escalating raids. Maybe that will eventually hit a nerve with the dog-loving public — I think it might. I highly recommend you buy Radley Balko’s book “Rise of the Warrior Cop,” published by the Perseus Books Group. Ask for it at your local bookstore. Stay tuned for a full review of the book in an upcoming edition of Independent Living.

Question: You like to say that many tyrants in waiting have moments of honesty about their intentions. What do you mean by that?

Lee: The real lesson for future historians is to not underestimate authoritarian tendencies in leaders. No matter how “fringy” or nutty their ideas might seem. A key warning signal is that would-be tyrants have a way of telegraphing their grandiose schemes. Even petty power seekers just can’t help but make pronouncements. One constant is that if they are effective at taking advantage of crises to advance their power, they are dangerous. At Hillsdale College, I read many “come to power” blueprints such as V.I. Lenin’s “What is to Be Done,” which set the stage for 70+ years of Soviet totalitarianism that followed. Not to mention the once unnoticed obscure book by Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf.” Mr. Obama’s crowd seems to follow the teachings of Sal Alinksy. Of course, none of these parallels totally fit. Each path to tyranny is unique.

Thirty-eight news organizations recently sent a letter to the White House complaining about their lack of transparency with the press. Authoritarian tendencies are here, big time.

Question: Do you see this trait in Barack Obama?

Lee: He has potential, especially with the right opportunity. Think about this: Why is Caesar-lite so angry? Mr. Obama is fuming because consequences are catching up
to him. He was handed a “Nobel Peace Prize” before he even took the Oath. And now he is an international joke. Danger — see the welling of his wounded pride and anger at the voters for daring to notice.

Can’t get Congress to move along on immigration reform? No problem! Just flood the U.S. border with hundreds of thousands of ill and disease carrying children from Mexico. A tragic mass migration orchestrated by leftist newspapers friendly to Mr. Obama’s causes in Mexico. Just send your medically needy kids across and Obama will take care of them for you, they’ve told the Mexican people.

What a win for Team Obama. No more Congress to contend with! The system is overwhelmed. Action is called for. He now has a crisis to manage.

Question: Are you suggesting a conspiracy here Lee?

Lee: It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a consensus. Senate Budget Committee ranking member Jeff Sessions, the Republican from Alabama, has written to all 535 members
of Congress. He told them that Mr. Obama’s actions constitute at “development that threatens the foundation of our constituional Republic.” When members of Congress
go near the border to make their own independent inspections, the Department of Homeland Security is not allowing them to bring the media in.

Lawlessness thrives at the highest levels. That is a fact and no serious person disputes it anymore. We are only one or two “triggering events” away from seeing this country thrown into one big lockdown.

Question: You mean that even non-critics of government are catching on?

Lee: Sort of. A recent survey of federal workers, contractors and retirees shows that a whopping 70% of them do not trust Uncle Sam. This is not some rightwing push poll either. This is an opinion sampling from A majority cited their lack of confidence in whistle blowing protections that Congress has put into place. Put another way, cover-ups permeate government operations from top to bottom. Who would know better than the federal workforce itself?

Question: Even Homeland Security?

Lee: Homeland Security is having quite a hey-day. The spectacle of obese weekend warriors trying to “Rambo-up” up for the smallest of excuses sickens me. It all smacks of social engineering, a conditioning of the public to get us all used to militarized law enforcement. Take the July incident in the small Illinois town of Livingston — population 850. The show of force included Homeland Security SWAT teams, armored vehicles and a Blackhawk helicopter. Over 10 police units spearheaded the raid of a local home, backed by small DHS armored division.

The entire exercise appears to have been a practice drill. But a practice drill for what?

Question: Can you be more concrete about this for those who are less familiar with your record of predictions?

Lee: Yes, it’s already becoming common knowledge the TSA and other agencies are already road-testing check-points, censorship and bureaucratic bullying in the border states. Especially within 100 miles of the U.S. Southern border.

Look, big things almost always start small. With Mr. Obama, it was even a little comical. It all began when he empowered public officials to forget their place in society — as servants of the taxpayers and the law abiding. The bullying disease has spread to all levels of government. Abusing the public has become the new normal, from the
TSA to the IRS to the EPA. Even military like raids on struggling people who cut hair without a license.

Here’s another one. Take the spectacle of local bureaucrats shutting down children’s lemonade stands all over America. Pretty much a national punch line when it all began. Stopping 8 year old girls from selling fruit juice may have seemed like a bad joke at first. But look where its led. In Germany such antics began in beer halls. But it lost its “funny” pretty fast.

Mr. Obama hasn’t said so publicly, but his bureaucrats have been busy developing infrastructure to round up critics. And dare I say it? Herd them into FEMA camps. Hey, that’s not quite as civilized as IRS audits against people Mr. Obama doesn’t like. But why not step it up? After all, poll after poll confirms that at least 50% of voters pointedly don’t care what Mr. Obama does with his power. Or who gets hurt.

Question: Are you personally worried about speaking out on these controversial subjects?

Lee: I try not to think about it and work hard to keep my nose clean. And recently I’ve taken another precaution I will share with you momentarily. First, let’s follow just one thread that’s made a small amount of news….

Perhaps you have heard that pretty much every federal agency have quietly obtained their own SWAT enforcement teams, massive ammo stashes involving billions of rounds and other military hardware, including silencers and machine guns.

Question: Okay, that’s weird. But is this really something to worry about?

Lee: How reassuring that U.S. postal authorities now have the military equipment and SWAT Teams to storm houses on their delivery route. It’s given the term “Going Postal” a whole new meaning. And the Department of Agriculture — they have turned plowshares into machine guns and silencers. Yes, agencies are stocking up on silencers! For use against whom? There are warehouses full of ammo and other weaponry, even for the Department of Commerce! Quite a step up. Just when you thought that breaking kneecaps was only a small business protection racket.

Question: The Commerce Department? Are you serious?

Lee: Oh yes, let’s not forget the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. What a relief that weather prediction experts now have ready access to grenade
launchers and tanks. Are global warming skeptics that much of a threat? Perhaps Mr. Obama should hand the nuclear launch codes over to the Weather Channel.

I feel so much better now that the Social Security Administration is ready for anything — perhaps they plan to use their machine guns and SWAT teams to take out assisted living facilities. Especially the ones that dare to tune their community TV channel to Fox News.

Hey, forget about paranoia. Paranoia was the good old days.

Even the prominent conservative movie maker Dinesh D’Souza is now headed to prison for no other “crime” save for making a movie criticizing Caesar. And that’s all without Mr. Obama having emergency powers or a full scale crisis. The next Republican nominee should be asked if he or she will pardon Dinesh D’Souza as their first official act. It will be the price of my vote.

Question: Now that you mention it, what about the Republicans?

Lee: Why aren’t these absurd power grabs even being questioned in a systematic set of hearings? Congress has been sitting on its collectivist butt. Not hauling the bureaucrats who bust 8 year old lemonade selling “hooligans” up before Congressional is inexcusable. Who cares if the national news media ignore it? Repetition and consistency win in politics.

Question: In the meantime, what is your advice for your readers?

Lee: Don’t fall prey to paranoia. Remain positive. Avoid political extremists. Stay law-abiding. Embrace passive resistance by becoming more self reliant. Focus on preparation, planning and maximizing your family’s options on all fronts. Independent Living issues are packed with such usable information. And so is our FREE website at