Your Natural Solution to Summer Allergies…

There’s a Reason Your Allergies Are Making You Miserable…

Expect your summer allergies to get worse.

It’s not that your body is having a bigger reaction. It’s just that there’s more pollen in the air.

According to Dr. Clifford Bassett, a professor at the NYU Langone Medical Center, “There’s a global expansion of pollen. There’s more of it and it’s more powerful.”

Pollen from weeds and grasses can trigger allergic reactions in many people. The amount of pollen released by trees starts to decline at the end of spring, but the actual pollen count goes up because of weeds and grasses.

Unfortunately, you can expect your allergies to persist throughout the summer. Even you don’t live near an abundance of pollen producers, the pollen gets into the air where it can travel hundreds of miles on the wind.

You can have more fun this summer if you know how to prevent allergic reactions in the first place.

Choosing Between Comfort and Health

When allergy symptoms make you miserable, it’s common to turn to medication for help. That can provide some temporary comfort. But it can also undermine your overall health.

If you’re using nasal sprays or popping allergy pills, over the long-term you can develop irritation in your throat, a chronically dry throat, or even an oral yeast infection.

Eye drops to help your watery, itchy eyes can actually lead to eye irritation that causes watering and itching. Long-term use has also been linked with the development of glaucoma and cataracts.

Among the most common allergy medications are a corticosteroids. These types of drugs can contribute to osteoporosis and high blood pressure. They may also cause stomach ulcers.

Antihistamines are another common allergy medication. They’ve been linked to depression, and they routinely cause drowsiness.

Now, if you suffer from allergies, I’m not suggesting you have to choose between comfort and your health… I even recognize these medications may play an important role in your quality of life.

But I also want to recommend some preventative measures and some natural remedies that might help you cut back on medication—or even eliminate it entirely. Then you’ll enjoy more of the best of both worlds: good health over the long term and a high quality of life right now.

An Ounce of Prevention …

Some simple steps can prevent allergy symptoms from developing in the first place.

If you suffer from pollen allergies, keep windows closed in your home to keep the pollen outside. If you’re going to head out to exercise or work in the yard, choose morning hours when the pollen count tends to be lower. When you do head outside, wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat with a big brim, which will help keep pollen out of your eyes and off your face.

Where to Find Natural Support

Preventing allergy symptoms is key, but you also want to be able to go outdoors when you want without feeling miserable. When you’re outside, prevention just isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that can offer you additional protection for allergy triggers.

The first is called quercetin. Quercetin is a natural compound found in many fruits and vegetables. It actually helps regulate the cells’ response to allergens, reducing the release of histamines in your system.To make the best use of quercetin, supplement with 1000 milligrams a day, starting six weeks before your allergy symptoms typically begin.

Note: If you have any kind of liver disease or disorder, then you should not take quercetin.

The second is omega-3 essential fatty acids. People who have diets high in these types of fatty acids tend to have fewer allergy symptoms. To supplement with omega-3 fatty acids try a teaspoon of cod liver twice a day. Fish oil supplements are another good option.

And finally, the third is to find a local honey provider and start eating a spoonful of honey a day. For this to work, you need honey made by local bees. Local honey is laced with small amounts of the types of pollen you’re exposed to. This small, daily intake of local pollens will help your system build up a tolerance … and that can lead to fewer allergy symptoms.

Pollen counts are getting higher, year-to-year. And living with allergies can be a miserable experience. But you don’t have trade your health for your comfort. Some simple precautions and a few natural remedies may be just the thing to ease your symptoms without compromising your health.