The Renegade Way to Get Your Clothes Really Clean

Circumvent the Government’s Ban on Laundry Detergents that Work

Have you wondered why clothes these days don’t seem to get as clean or stay as fresh for as long as they used to? Why towels seem to persistently stink? It’s not your
imagination. It is actually tougher these days to get laundry truly clean. The reason is that the government has banned the most effective types of detergents and washing machines, supposedly for the benefit of the environment.

Beginning in the late 1970s, the government started banning phosphates from household cleaning products (most recently extending to dishwasher detergent). Phosphates are an essential component to laundry detergent because they separate dirt, sweat, oils, and soap residue from clothing fibers. Without phosphates, the only practical ways to get clothes really clean are with bleach or boiling hot water – both of which are harsh on clothing dyes and fabrics.

Additional government mandates, including that water heaters be set to lower temperatures and washing machines use less water, have further impeded your ability to get your laundry clean. Most front-loading, so-called “high efficiency” washers are breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew, and other disgusting odor-causing microorganisms.

Most laundry detergents are loaded with perfumes that cover up the odors still left in your clothes.Fragrances do nothing to help clean your clothes and may be bad for your skin (and some people’s allergies). Try washing with a fragrance-free detergent (and avoiding scented fabric softeners and dryer sheets) and you’ll be able to smell how unclean your “clean” laundry actually is.

The Most Effective Laundry Detergent Booster Isn’t on the Detergent Aisle

First of all, if you use a front-loading washer you must bleach it out and physically scrub it out (not just run the “clean” cycle) at least once a month. Even then, you won’t be able to reach all the places where gunk can accumulate. To fight odors, try soaking “clean” laundry in vinegar and warm water.

So what’s the secret to getting clothes clean? The secret to getting your clothes to actually come out clean, without using harsh bleach, is TSP – tri-sodium phosphate. Just add it in powder form to your laundry (about 1/4 cup for a full load) along with your regular detergent. Your detergent will actually work like it is supposed to! TSP is used mainly by painters as a cleaning agent, so look for it at paint and hardware stores. A few states have already tried to ban the sale of tri-sodium phosphate to consumers, so you might want to stock up on it while you still can.

By adding TSP to every load of laundry you do, you may be able to use less detergent, run shorter wash cycles, avoid bleach, wash clothes less frequently, and allow your clothes to last longer. More efficiency, fewer chemicals, less waste, and less consumption – it may even be environmentally responsible to boot!

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