Three Major Prediction Updates…

Keep Making Yourself Self-Reliant

In the past two years Independent Living has made some significant predictions. Here are some recent developments to share:

Prediction Update #1: Obama’s Domestic Spy Drone Obsession Increasingly Threatens Commercial Aircraft

On January 8, 2013 we warned readers “let us predict right here and now that sooner or later a commercial airliner is going to hit one of the many spy drones slated to flood commercial airspace in the coming 48 months.” My early report noted that the FAA had already bypassed several safety safeguards in order to get more drones into the air.

Independent Living News reported that the government’s obsession with peering into our lives would get people killed because the Federal Aviation Administration “gave the go-ahead to allow, federal, state and local agencies to fly drones over America…”

The FAA has opened a floodgate of crony capitalists rushing new drone models into development for Uncle Sam. You can count on government licenses of even private drones to include an informational “sharing” agreement between the government and its corporate henchmen.

Some new developments confirm this prediction may be coming true:

* On May 9, 2014 the FAA admitted that just two months earlier, an American Airlines commercial jet narrowly avoided a drone collision just 2,300 feet from completing its landing cycle in Tallahassee, Florida. The flight originated in my hometown of Charlotte. The pilot reported that the 50-seat jet nearly made hull contact with “ a camouflaged F-4 fixed wing aircraft that was quite small.”

* In March 2013, another aircraft was on approach to John F. Kennedy International Airport when it came within 200 feet of a drone. Officially , the FBI is investigating but so far there are no announced identities associated with these near-misses.

Of course the government can do no wrong. FAA officials are already spinning it to gullible reporters, saying that private citizen “hobbyists” are respon – sible for the near misses. But conspicuously absent from the coverage is the fact that so many local gov-ernment agencies are “calling in” for drone support on a regular basis. For law-enforcement raids, zoning violations, citizen surveillance, and even tax enforcement issues. The FAA has approved over 500 public entities (including police departments) to use drones for domestic surveillance purposes.

Kudos to the Independent Living research team for bringing this story to light a whopping 485 days before it made news. Drone technology that was created to kill terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq is being re-purposed to control and track Americans here at home. And innocent people are going to die as a result.

Prediction Update #2: U.S. Drug Supply Chains Breaking Down

In the past 6 years, Independent Living has strenuously warned our readers that prescription drugs, antibiotics, and basic emergency medicine all face collapsing supply chains. All have been associated with government overreach in general, and are now being aggravated by Obamacare in particular.

Some developments:

* One of my neighbors recently passed away from advanced lung cancer. He never smoked. The disease progressed from an inoperable area of his lungs outward. In the last four days of his suffering, the hospital ran out of morphine. This is happening all over the country. In light of the magnitude of this disturbing trend for ill people, this for now remains a very small story. Talk about Obamacare not getting the full attention it deserves. Watch for Independent Living’s suggestions on what to do in a future edition.

* In January, the Wall Street Journal noted that government overseers have finally realized that their overreach has had deadly consequences: “Pharmaceutical companies moved out of antibiotic development en masse in the past 15 years, citing high research costs, poor returns and onerous regulations. Consequently, the pipeline for new antibiotics dried up.

The government’s power-grab into this field of medicine has already created a disaster. The rise of infectious diseases coming from an influx of Third World border crashers has placed millions of us at risk. About two million people a year are going to be hit with potentially life-threatening infections and the authorities have run medicine makers out of the business.

The antibiotic shortage has become so severe that the WSJ reported “regulators in the U.S. and Europe have moved to clear roadblocks that have impeded antibiotic
” Put another way, the supply chain breakdown of basic medical supplies we have always taken for granted is so severe that even Mr. Obama’s regulators have noticed and are attempting to cover their butts.

My concern about this alarming trend led me to create a report entitled Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply. We don’t have room to put all this information in our monthly edition. But you can get it for your family for FREE right now by going to the “Do-It-Yourself” section of my new website,

Prediction Update #3: Mr. Obama’s Passive-Aggressive China Policy Ramps Up Potential for Military Clash

In our lead story by Seth Van Brocklin, he touched on the cunning and ruthlessness of China’s rulers. I have another aspect of the China story to update you on.
Their pursuit of natural resources in the South China Sea coupled with Mr. Obama’s dangerous passiveaggressive diplomacy. And its high potential to cause a military clash between Beijing and Washington before Mr. Obama departs office.

I see some pretty big future headlines as the winds of conflict between the U.S. and China gather surprising strength. Whether you lean toward being a foreign interventionist or pure libertarian, you need to know about this brewing situation.

First, there is a confusing tangle of U.S. defense obligations in the troubled South China Sea. And Mr. Obama is writing military IOUs far faster than our Navy can
cash them. With his military build-down now well underway, we really don’t want Mr. Obama to blunder America into a military clash with China.

Yes, Team Obama is right about one thing. The Chinese Navy is no match for U.S. forces on the high seas. But the Chinese are playing a different game. Their focus is on effective power projection within their newly defined regional sphere. Beijing is militarily “armoring” the South China Sea, and in the process salami-slicing natural resources from their smaller neighbors.

All the while, the Chinese are erecting what’s known in naval circles as an anti-access/denial strategy. They are using military technology Beijing gleaned during the
Clinton years — to upgrade their “ship killing” missile capability.

U.S. policymakers seem to cling to an overused platitude that China can never directly defeat the U.S. Navy in international waters. What Beijing’s rulers are really
doing is creating a credible line of defensive rings in which U.S. capital ships can be taken out in a future regional conflict. As my last article on this detailed, China has a history of attacking U.S. forces directly. Especially under the right circumstances (I’m referring to their bloody incursion against U.S. troops in Korea).

Elaborate Military Treaties in South China Sea Resemble Those Made in Pre-World War I Europe

A tangled mass of mutual defense pacts among large European powers spawned World War I. It’s starting to look a lot like that in the much-disputed, resource-rich South China Sea.

The U.S. has formal agreements to defend Japan if they get into a fight with the Chinese over territorial disputes. These two countries have always hated and feared each other. For decades the U.S. has kept Japan’s military potential on a short leash. On his recent regional security tour, Mr. Obama continued to outsource regional security to Japan. As a result, Japan has been given a license to militarily “backstop” smaller nations in the region who also have resource

disputes with China.

By implication, are these nations now also under the U.S. protective umbrella?

Through this backdoor diplomacy, Mr. Obama has vastly expanded the probability of us being boxed into military intervention — on “behalf” of Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and other small powers.

Danger! Mr. Obama is Writing Regional

Security IOUs the U.S. Navy Cannot Cash

Military overpromising is a dangerous pursuit. Especially against the steely gang running China.

I see Mr. Obama taking America to pre-World War II military levels while expanding our military obligations in a powder keg like the South China Sea. Someone is likely going to call him on his B.S. and I think it may well be the Chinese.

Since my last report, the former director of the U.S. Naval Institute, Steve Cohen, wrote an article called “America’s Incredible Shrinking Navy.” In it, he revealed that only 35% of the U.S. Navy’s fleet is deployed. There are currently fewer than 100 ships and just three aircraft carriers in active service at a time when Mr. Obama has stepped up U.S. military promises to the region.

Despite a recent regional reassurance trip by Mr. Obama, the Chinese responded by stepping up military confrontations to enforce territorial claims against Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan. After Mr. Obama’s visit, for example, a Chinese naval force installed a major oil drilling rig in disputed waters with the Vietnamese. Last December, Chinese forces and the U.S.S. Cowpens narrowly avoided a collision and shooting incident in the region.

Beijing is now moving to control nearly 80% of the South China Sea as their own sovereign territory. They’re stepping up naval patrols in the region.

In April, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel held a joint press conference with China’s Defense Minister, Chang Wanquan. It quickly deteriorated into a public spat. China “can never be contained,” Wanquan declared. Hagel shot back — literally wagging his finger — that China’s expansion of its airspace claims in the South China Sea “could eventually add to and eventually get to a dangerous conflict.”

Air Force General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, commander of U.S. Air Forces in the Pacific, said in February: “The risk of miscalculation is high. It’s greater than it should be.”

U.S. Defense Pacts Coming Closer and

Closer to Being Severely Tested

in South China Sea

Mr. Obama has emphasized that the U.S. is obligated to come to Japan’s assistance in any conflict with China. Here’s what Defense Minister Wanquan said in April about Japan’s island dispute with China: “China has dozens of known cases, caregivers have entered information into the wrong chart or listed important details – such as drug doses – incorrectly. Data sometimes disappear. In one case, a patient’s allergy to penicillin was improperly entered into an electronic record. The patient later received ampicillin and nearly died of a shock.”

Health insurance companies have compiled data on millions of insured patients for access by insurers and for patient review. If you have health or life insurance, chances are good that the so-called Medical Information Bureau (MIB) has one or more files on your medical history.

It’s a good idea to check on this information from time to time to make sure nothing erroneous (or nefarious) winds up in your file. You can request your MIB file over the phone or online (866-692- 690; You are entitled to view a free copy of your MIB file annually.

Also check the records kept at your physician’s office and at any hospital where you have received treatment. The sooner you can spot a problem, the more likely it can be fixed before something goes wrong.