Do you use Facebook? The NSA is counting on it…

Is That Really Facebook?

The NSA is shameless.

We already know about how they lean on encryption software developers, persuading them to build backdoors into encryption programs. These backdoors are essentially “bugs” that make it easier for the NSA to break codes.

And we know they’re determined to gather call and location data on every person who uses a cell phone. And that they’re only too happy to pressure companies like Google and Bing to hand over customer search data.

But this latest strategy… it really takes the cake.

Have You Been Infected?

According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA uses servers masked to look like Facebook to trick people into connecting to them.

You think you’re just accessing Facebook. Pretty harmless, right? But if you connect to one of these fake “social media” servers, a bit of malware is downloaded onto your computer.

This malware has helped the NSA to hack into computers and networks all around the world. They can use the code to turn on a computer’s microphone. That gives them the ability to listen to conversations happening nearby. They can even turn on the computer’s webcam and observe the room the computer is in.

This particular NSA operation is supposed to be confined overseas. However, as one expert pointed out, malware is difficult to control. The malware could create new problems within infected computers and networks. And that could make the malware behave in ways the NSA hadn’t anticipated.

This strategy simply cannot be targeted. It could easily spread outside of the NSA’s intended sphere of influence. It could contaminate whole networks, which means there is no guarantee that living inside U.S. borders will protect you from this latest dragnet scheme.

It’s Not Just Data Anymore

We’ve all known for a good long while that data kept on our computers, and especially data shared online (even securely), isn’t safe from prying government eyes.

We’ve also known that phone calls – both cell phone and landline calls – can easily put our personal information at risk.

With this latest scheme, the NSA is taking things a step further. They could conceivably be listening to your conversations through your computer. You might not even be using your computer – just talking to someone in the same room. You can no longer count on that conversation to be private.

Even worse, they could actually be watching you through your computer’s camera. Talk about a violation of your rights!

Two Simple Ways to Harden Your Computer

The truth is, your computer’s camera and microphone have always be weak points in terms of security.

Fortunately, there are cheap and easy ways to keep the NSA – or any other hackers – from using your microphone or camera.

If you plug an external microphone into your computer, it overrides the internal one. But the NSA could just control the external microphone to listen in anyway. They’d probably get clearer sound because of it.

However, if you take a microphone and cut off everything but the plug, that’s a different story. That makes a dummy plug. When you plug the dummy into your computer, it will render your internal microphone useless. But it doesn’t provide a working external mic as an alternative.

You can remove the dummy plug to restore your microphone’s function. So people can still listen in when you’re using a microphone for, say, recording a video. But any other time, you can switch off their access just by plugging in the dummy.

Keeping people from using your webcam is even easier. Just put a sticker over it. You can actually buy special stickers meant to cover webcams without leaving behind a residue. So your camera is useful when you want it, and it can’t be misused when you don’t.

Take these two simple steps to increase your privacy today. You’ll protect yourself from government spies and Internet hackers alike.

Yours in Liberty and Prudent Preparation,

Lee Bellinger, Publisher

Independent Living

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