7 Ways Obamacare Will Ruin Your Life

“Affordable” Obamacare
Could Cost Americans Their Health

You know I’m no fan of Obamacare. It adds even more layers of bureaucracy to the healthcare system.

It’s no longer you and your doctor making decisions about your personal care… It’s not even you and your doctor and your insurance company anymore…

The government is now the fourth man in a room that was already too crowded.

If you took Obama’s promises about the healthcare law at face value, you’ll be stunned at some of the unintended consequences.

Even if you were suspicious of the law in the first place, some of these consequences still might surprise you…

It’s best to know about them now, so you can be prepared.

  1. Dropped families
    Obamacare was supposed to make insurance “affordable” for everyone. That was the promise. It was never supposed to force anyone off their current plan. But companies like UPS are dropping workers’ spouses and families from plans by the thousands. These families are being told to go to the exchanges instead.
  2. Reduced Hours
    Part-time employees across the nation are watching as their hours are cut. Companies are keeping part-time workers below the threshold where they would qualify for coverage. That basically equals a pay cut. The standard of living is being lowered for these workers to control the skyrocketing costs that come with Obamacare.
  3. Lay-offs
    Medical device manufacturers are laying off thousands of workers. It’s the only way they can afford the medical device excise tax and still stay in business.
  4. Reduced staff numbers at hospitals
    Many hospitals have announced staff reductions. Cutting staff will help them compensate for the high costs of complying with Obamacare. That’s a double whammy. Thousands of people are out of their jobs, and millions will receive a lesser standard of care because of staff reductions.
  5. Limited access
    Insurance companies need to comply with Obamacare and still offer affordable premiums. It’s a difficult balance. As a result, they’ve had to reduce the number of qualifying hospitals in their networks. That means you have fewer choices when it comes to where you can seek out care.
  6. People opting out of the workforce
    The Congressional Budget Office recently announced that 2.5 million people will lose their jobs because of Obamacare. The left had a different take. They said those people would voluntarily leave the workforce to qualify for subsidies.

    Whatever you want to call it, the law shrinks our workforce. And our dependence on government payouts goes up. And that’s not good for anyone.

  7. Cancelled Plans
    Obama promised that if you had an insurance plan you liked, you would be able to keep it. Over and over again. Like a broken record. Well, that turned out not to be true. Any “grandfathered” plan that had changed “significantly” lost its eligibility. In the first months of the Obamacare rollout, 4.7 million people had their policies unexpectedly cancelled.

The Bigger Picture

These seven consequences are just the biggest offenders. There are others. Premiums will go up. Access to healthcare will go down. Medical innovations will be stifled. Personal data will be compromised.

Taken in isolation, any one of these unintended consequences might not seem that big. They each hurt some people, but surely we’ll find ways around them.

But add them all together and the picture becomes much darker…

The High Cost of Affordable Healthcare

Obamacare will bring about slower economic growth, lower wages, and a lower quality of healthcare for everyone.

And I haven’t even mentioned that the system is unsustainable. It requires healthy, young adults — those who often opt not to buy insurance — to pay higher premiums. Their bigger bills offset the expenses of those who are less healthy.

This system rewards the people who need healthcare the most. And it penalizes those who don’t really need the system in the first place.

Human nature being what it is, it’s a plan that is just not going to work.

It’s time to start making plans to weather both the economic and the healthcare consequences of this law. Things are going to get rough.

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