Where to Find the Cheapest Gas

By Lee Bellinger / March 3, 2014

Where to Find the Cheapest Gas

Gasoline prices have held fairly steady over the past three years, but the potential for a springsummer price spike always exists. It wouldn’t take much for prices to lift back to the 2008 highs that caused near panic among motorists.

http://GasBuddy.com offers a mobile phone app that displays price data for the gas stations nearest you. It offers this general advice for choosing where to fill up: “It is best to avoid affluent areas when looking for a cheap fill. People in these areas are less price sensitive, and the gas stations realize this fact. Not only that, the gas stations are located on more valuable land, and land taxes will be higher. They pass on these higher costs to customers. Gas stations near major freeway exits can be more expensive than stations farther away. It can pay to drive a few blocks from the freeway to find a deal.”

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