A Dangerous Three Years Ahead

A Dangerous
Three Years Ahead

Is extremist government reaching a tipping point? Are enough Americans awaking to the danger? Are there sensible precautions can you take? (Just in case.) My analysis below may surprise you. Too many of his critics depict Mr. Obama as a second term lame duck. But we have a long time to go before he is scheduled to depart. And that’s my greatest worry. He isn’t just about bad policies. This man has significant authoritarian instincts and is a power-grabbing opportunist. Worst of all, he is very much an endsjustifies-the-means “moralist.” That’s dangerous. All it would take is a national security disaster on the scale of 9-11 obliterate his supposed “lame duck” status. Unlike in 2001, all the levers are in place to instantly impose a Hugo Chavez-style dictatorship. Let me share some recent developments to help you evaluate the level of danger. Reining in the media and Internet. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Ajit Paiis raising alarm bells about a deeply disturbing power grab by the Obama Administration. On February 11 he wrote about “an initiative to thrust the federal government into news rooms across the country.”

Just consider these startling details:

• Mr. Obama’s weapon of choice is a bureaucratic
study known as the “Multi-Market Study of
Critical Information Needs,” or CIN. CIN
defines 8 areas of “public interest,” such as
economics and the environment, and grades
newsrooms on how well they cover each one.

• CIN is touted as voluntary, but all public
TV broadcasters must be recertified by the
government every 8 years. And CIN is clearly
intended as a bureaucratic benchmark for
approval. Watch out FOX News, because
Benghazi coverage is not one of the important
CIN categories. Much less privacy invasion,
militarization of local police forces, IRS abuses
or reverse racism.

• The FCC is injecting itself into newsroom
politics using CIN as a battering ram. The
plan is for FCC bureaucrats to “interview”
newsroom reporters, editors, and station owners
about how they make news decisions.

• The CIN report itself makes reference to the
fact that it covers print publications as well as
local TV and national news.

Think I am exaggerating the danger? The FCC is
packed with extremist nuts. Take for example the
FCC’s former Chief Diversity officer, Mr. Mark Lloyd.
He apparently thinks that white people themselves are a
problem to be excised in the FCC-regulated media:

…there’s nothing more difficult than this. Because we have really, truly good white people in important positions. And unless we are conscious of the need to have more people of color, gays and other people in those positions, we will not change the problem. We’re in a position where you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power.

Perhaps more Caucasians should find their voices in defense of themselves. Mr. Lloyd is certainly not shy about damning white people in the media: “Stations owned by racial or ethnic minorities are statistically less likely to air conservative hosts or shows.”

Oh, and I almost forgot. Mr. Lloyd is not just an officious racist. His mentality should be a whole CIN news category of its own. Mr. Obama’s past diversity appointee also reveres media-wrecking tyrants. Mr. Lloyd has hailed late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez for his “incredible….democratic revolution.” Especially Chavez’ success at shutting down the opposition media in Venezuela during his reign. It
is a pity that Lloyd and his ilk remain mostly hidden behind the scenes.

Targeting Critics Who Make Movies: Left-wing Hollywood moguls have dumped $160 million over the past five years into the campaigns of Mr. Obama’s allies. And countless movies have been made supporting the Administration’s positions on global warming, racist quotas and bashing people of faith. Recently, the film “White House Down” depicted a “right-wing” coup against a black left-wing president (and having insulted half the country, promptly flopped at the box office).

But what did the Obama Justice Department headed by Eric Holder do? It chose to indict a conservative film maker. Dinesh D’Souza now faces years in prison for a 2012 movie he made that was critical of Mr. Obama. The charge brought against Mr. D’Souza? Illegal campaign contributions. Beware conservatives now moving into movie making.

IRS Criminality Now Affirmed: House Republican hearings into IRS abuses of power have fizzled. The GOP majority really does need to get better at holding effective hearings. Ominously, no IRS appointees are going to be prosecuted for targeting Mr. Obama’s political opponents. The Obama Justice Department “probe” into IRS abuses is headed by a major Democratic Party donor, Barbara K. Bosserman.

IRS attacks against conservatives and critics are going to escalate, big time.

The Attacks Have Started. New IRS Rules Target Tea Party Groups: New IRS “gag” rules affecting an estimated 100,000 Tea Party members are being put into place. Going into the 2014 election, the IRS can now revoke the tax status of groups that even mention Obamacare or jobs. The gag order is based on a tightening of speech controls as well as the definition of what a “social-welfare” organization is. Other non-profit groups, such as unions and trade associations have been exempted by the new IRS gag rules.

Some Small Signs of Pushback by the Public

There are small glimmers of hope to latch onto. Every movement has its opportunities, including that of winning back some freedoms incrementally. Sometimes it starts in some very small ways too.

White House Assault on Ammo Invites Gun Owner Backlash: It appears that many voters have finally noticed that the federal government is engineering an ammo shortage. Last year, House Republicans pressed the Homeland Security Department to explain why it had purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. The Administration explained it away by saying that the size of the purchase was inconsequential.

It’s a pity lawmakers did not go deeper. Numerous agencies of the federal government are busy shrinking the supply of ammo available to the public. Including the Social Security Administration!

Some critical facts:

2013 was the best year for gun sales in the nation’s history. More than 21 million applications were processed through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. An 8% increase on the
year before, and for the 11th straight year, the NICBCS has increased overall. None of these numbers include the private firearms transactions that the government still can’t track.

In 2014, there will likely be a corresponding demand for more ammunition. And because the government has bought so much of the supply, many voters will notice. One of my readers showed me how Wal-Mart has recently raised prices on Remington Game Load 410 Bore shells by a significant amount. But there’s more. You now only get 20 shotshells, instead of the previous standard of 25.

Global Warming Theory Obliterated as Eurocrats Begin to Abandon Alternative Energy

It goes without saying that this last winter has put global warming theorists on the defensive. But there is way more going on here than that. The European Union is much further along than Mr. Obama is at forcing power companies to incorporate “green energy” into their electricity grids. And for them, mandated green energy has proven to be a political disaster.

In order to accommodate solar, wind and algae into German electricity production, for example, consumer bills have soared by 20-40%. Here in the U.S., thewholesale shutdown of coal plants being replaced by solar and wind is stretching the U.S power grid to the breaking point.

Mr. Obama’s calculated campaign to create electricity shortages has not come to a crisis point yet. But only because the U.S. economy is crippled. Even taking into account population growth, the limping
U.S. private sector is using 2.6% less ener gy than it did in 2007!

The European Union’s executive body (the European Commission) recently backed off mandated green technology. They are proposing to end national green energy use targets, which include wind mills, solar farms and algae. The EU is reversing itself due to green energy’s inability to power their economies. And due to consumer backlash.

Here in the U.S., electricity grid instability is finally starting to get noticed. A recent terror attack in California nearly took out much of the state’s power grid. As blackouts become more and more
noticeable, green energy mandates have the potential to backfire in an even bigger way than Obamacare.

Some Local Governments Say
“More Mayberry, Less Fallujah” Here in USA

Most gun owners are very pro law and order. As such, many have been slow to recognize the militarization of local law enforcement as a problem. But this seems to be slowly changing.

In 2013 alone, the Department of Homeland Security handed over $1 billion in military hardware and surveillance support to more than 750 police departments nationwide.

On February 7, the Wall Street Journal reported that there is a particularly high level of interest in the distribution of 11,000 “mine resistant ambushprotected (MRAP) trucks.” Huge grants from DHS are literally militarizing local police.

In Concord, New Hampshire, the local city council had to intervene and approve the sale of a military “Bearcat” vehicle to local police. But not before braving protests outside their doors with signs that
read “More Mayberry. Less Fallujah” and “Thanks But No Tanks.”

The citizens of Salinas, California, recently protested the purchase of a military surplus vehicle for policing their peaceful town. “When did Salinas turn into a battlefield?” one citizen asked.

In Jefferson County, New York, citizen opposition to the town acquiring a 44,000 pound, 14 foot high MRAP led to a tense and close approval vote. Many wondered why local police in an otherwise peaceful
town needed a battle vehicle that can stop .50 caliber rounds. “It’s militarizing the police force,” an opposing city council member complained.

This is pretty scant progress, to be sure. But at least some are paying attention to the broader trend, and I predict this will become a bigger and bigger issue with the voters.

The Dangers Are Greater Than
the Hopeful Developments Right Now

I’ve been doing event forecasting for over a quarter of a century now. And I must admit, paying attention isn’t always fun. Let’s face it, discussions of reality don’t rate high at backyard barbeques and other happy occasions.

Sometimes my role is not to make you feel better. Only taking action to erect appropriate defenses for your family is sufficient to do that. Because that is what counts. Especially now.

I see some scary political trends in Mr. Obama’s tone and actions. Especially against his political opponents and the First Amendment.

Mr. Obama’s popularity may have fallen in his second term, but he is incredibly well positioned to exploit any national emergency that may come between now and January 2017.

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