Sick Americans = Big Money?

Keeping You Sick is Big Money

From the FDA to the big pharmaceutical companies … from the USDA to the big agricultural companies, there’s an ongoing assault against your health.

The sad truth is that it’s become profitable to keep the American people sick.

So, health breakthroughs are blocked …

Those in the natural food and health industries live in fear of intimidation and harassment from government agencies …

Fraud has become rampant, and the influence of big corporations over government agencies is off the chart.

Fortunately, you can cut through the misinformation and the government barriers to secure your access to safe, effective, natural solutions to rampant diseases like diabetes and heart disease. You can secure a long life lived in good health. You just have to know how to navigate the confusing waters of a healthcare system that’s increasingly controlled by crony capitalists and government bureaucrats.

First, let’s look at what we’re up against.

Bureaucrats and Crony Capitalists Lock Up the Healthcare Market

This started way before Obamacare, but you can bet that the “Affordable” Care Act will do more to empower bureaucrats and enrich crony capitalists that it will to protect your health.

You don’t need to look much further than the FDA’s mixed-up priorities when it comes to “protecting” citizens to get a good feel for the new normal in healthcare.

Health complaints flood into the FDA office by the thousands regarding chemical food additives like aspartame and prescriptions like Humira. The FDA is slow to react to these complaints. When it does react, it usually just slaps the offender with a fine and moves on.

But when it comes to natural foods and supplements, the FDA uses a different approach.

The agency has conducted numerous armed raids against whole food and natural supplement producers in recent years. They’ve even raided Amish farms just for producing raw milk!

The number of injuries and deaths from raw milk and natural supplements is miniscule in comparison with those caused by prescription drugs. But the FDA shepherds those drugs to market while blocking your access to natural products and turning the makers of such products into criminals.

The reason is simple. Money and power. Big drug companies funnel more than $100 million into the FDA every year. In return, though the FDA would never admit to it, these corporate giants get influence over FDA decisions. It’s the same deal with the USDA—they got into bed with companies like Monsanto decades ago.

It’s a legal drug cartel. These agencies and corporations make their money from prescription drugs, genetically modified crops, chemicals, and processed foods. They protect their racket by driving out competitors from the natural food and health industries.

Which leaves consumers like you and me in a bad spot. But not a hopeless one.

5 Ways You Can Fight Back

You can steer clear of this war on health by removing yourself from the battlefield. That means taking care of your health in your own way. These five steps will get you started.

  • Know Your Food Grower: Whether you plant a garden or get to know some of the local food growers in your area, one of the fastest ways to put distance between yourself and the government health cartel is to buy less of your food from corporate food producers. You’ll get less genetically modified food, lower pesticide exposure, and fresher, more nutritious meals.
  • Choose Whole Natural Foods: Whether you’re buying from local farmers or shopping at a big chain grocery store, buy foods that are whole and natural. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Lean cuts of meat. Beans, rice, and whole grains. These types of food undergo less processing, which will limit your exposure to the myriad of chemicals added to packaged foods. If you buy packaged foods, choose those with the shortest, most recognizable ingredient lists.
  • Avoid Drugs by Knowing the Alternatives: Some prescriptions are lifesavers. If you have type-1 diabetes, prescription insulin keeps you alive. Antibiotics, when used properly, are nothing short of medical miracle. But a lot of prescription drugs are over-prescribed and damage your body. Whenever your doctor recommends a prescription, immediately begin researching alternatives. Make it your goal to take the prescription for the shortest window at the lowest dosage possible.

Many of the most common chronic diseases can be managed very effectively through alternative means. For example, a recent study done in Great Britain found that regular exercise was just as effective as a statin drug in reducing premature death from heart disease.

  • Find a Doctor With Similar Values: Keeping up with effective alternatives to prescription drugs can become a full time job in itself. And many alternative remedies are best taken under medical supervision. Look into finding a doctor who shares your approach to good health, one who is more eager to get you healthy than to just write you a prescription.
  • Take Care of Your Body: The best way to avoid falling victim to the malpractice of the FDA and the USDA is to avoid getting sick in the first place. And the best way to do that is to take good care of your body. Drink plenty of water. Stay physically active. Get enough sleep. And address health concerns early. If something doesn’t seem right, talk to your doctor – the one who shares your values. Early treatment usually provides the most options and the best outcomes.

It’s unfortunate that government bureaucrats are putting profits and power in front of your health. But the evidence is clear. You can’t rely on government agencies to protect you. The best person to safeguard your health is you.