10 Ways to Hide Firearms and Ammunition

10 Ways to Hide Firearms and Ammunition,
Even in Plain Sight

Now let us take you to the heart of this article– keeping your guns securely in your control when criminals and gun-confiscating government bureaucrats come looking for them.

The tips listed here are for informational purposes only. It would be impossible to run all these techniques through a legal check in all fifty states plus the many cities and towns that have their own rules, regulations, and restrictions. Compliance with the law rests with you, the reader.

Great care should be taken when implementing any of these methods. If your household has children, then you need to take other precautions to protect them. Keep in mind; just because it may be out of sight, it still may in the reach of small hands. If your household has firearms then we encourage you to teach your children to respect a weapon.

The number one rule when it comes to hiding firearms around your house or office when selecting one of these easy accessible, hidden in plain sight locations is safety. You must make sure that your firearms are absolutely inaccessible to children. Once your children and you are comfortable with their handling and firing of firearms and your confident in their ability and respect for firearms, then you may consider letting them know of your hidden caches. This is obvious is a personal question between you and your spouse and after weighing many factors including the chance your child may reveal one of your hidden weapons to a friend, should weigh heavily on your decision where you intend to hide your firearms and ammunition.

Additionally, hiding a firearm in a room where you spend little time in may not be the ideal choice—especially if you fear that a home break-in while you are home.

If you have a Concealed Carry Permit or CCW, then the government knows you have a firearm. Should the government enforce gun confiscation, have a throw away gun or two handy to give them preferably, something cheap that has little value to you.

Additionally, if you have a carry a gun in public – either with a concealed carry permit or under open carry laws – consider keeping a gun safe that you religiously place your firearm in each time to you return to the house. Getting lazy and leaving them in your vehicle or around the house breaches our number one rule – safety first!

  1. With a short trip to your local hardware store, you can purchase various hooks and brackets that can be affixed to the inside of a bathroom vanity cabinet. It may be easier to mount a leather or plastic holster to the cabinet and place the handgun so that all one has to do is open the cabinet and reach up inside and grab the grip of the pistol to retrieve it. In a night home invasion, it is often wise to retreat to a master-bathroom that can be locked and serve as a panic room while 911 dispatches the police. Being armed in this panic room is great strategy for self-defense.
  2. Shotguns or semi-automatic rifles with collapsible stocks can be mounted inside small coat closets. Mount the rifle or shotgun directly above the closet door. Since most coat closets are shallow by design, any unwelcome home invader will be unlikely to rummage through a coat-closet, never mind look up above the doorframe directly overhead.
  3. A company called First Line of Defense manufactures a specially designed holster that slides between your mattress and box spring. It may be best to place firearm behind the headboard, out of clear view.
  4. Looking for the ultimate bed safe? Hercules Research Corporation manufacturers the BedBunker, which was recently featured on the television program, Doomsday Preppers. This 1,300 lb. 78” x 60” x 14” (Queen Size) safe is made with 10 gauge steel construction with a ¼” thick steel 140 lb. hinged doors. The BedBunkers is rated for a 2-hour fire wall to protect your valuables in extreme conditions. They come in Queen or King size configurations. Of course you can store a lot more than guns in this massive safe – valuable papers, gold and silver bullion, survival food and more.
  5. ConsoleVault.com manufacturers a hidden safe that is designed for the console of your vehicle. Many models of vehicles are supported from Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Lincoln, Nissan and Toyota. They even manufacture a hidden safe for your Harley Davidson motorcycle!
  6. Manufacturer of the BedBunker manufacturers the TruckBunker. This unique safe is designed to fit in the rear cab of GMC, Ford or Dodge Ram extended cab trucks and can hold shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. These unique safes fit underneath the rear seats. Best of all, it installs in less than 10 minutes!
  7. Companies such as Colonial Craft Hideaways USA make beautiful wall cabinets that can be rotated to hold a fully stocked gun cabinet, complete with drawers for pistols and plenty of room for ammunition. Deluxe models have remote controlled false backs that lower with a remote control revealing pistols.
  8. Large pictures that have thick frames can be modified to conceal a small firearm. There are also several manufacturers/distributors such as Barska that sell picture safes. If you are more into DIY project, select an over sized picture frame. Simply cut the backing of the frame with a razor blade, peel back the corner and secure a piece of Velcro to the frame’s corner to hold a small handgun in place. Once finished, carefully reaffix the backing before hanging the picture back on the wall.
  9. Another use for paintings or large picture frames is to use them to hide a concealed wall safe. Wall safes come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to fit in between the 2×4 studs behind your drywall. These safes aren’t terribly expensive and are extremely easy to install and secure.
  10. If DIY projects aren’t your cup of tea, Safe Sammel-Systeme Securelogic manufactures the Invisivault Wall Vault Hidden Safe and Remote. This ingenious picture-frame safe can be found on eBay.