Second Passport Destinations Matter!

The list of countries where it would be possible to obtain a second Passport is almost as long as the number of countries on the planet. Of course, some countries make it difficult for outsiders to obtain citizenship. They may require lengthy periods of residency, large monetary “investments,” and/or familial, business, political, or other special connections. Other countries won’t allow dual citizenship for U.S. citizens (meaning you’d have to first renounce your U.S. citizenship). It’s generally relatively easier to acquire citizenship in Central American and Caribbean countries and more difficult in Europe.

Check with the immigration/citizenship offices of countries that interest you. As an example, New Zealand, which ranks highly on international measures of freedom and prosperity, sets forth the following criteria for obtaining citizenship by grant:

You may be eligible for a grant of New Zealand citizenship if you:

  • intend, if granted citizenship, to continue to reside in New Zealand;
  • are able to understand and speak English;
  • are of good character;
  • understand the responsibilities and privileges of New Zealand citizenship;
  • have New Zealand residence; and
  • were physically present in New Zealand, and have had your New Zealand residence for the last five years before applying for citizenship.

We know of one U.S. entrepreneur who gained substantial advantages in Mexico (such as the right to own land) when he and his wife moved to Mexico City in time for the birth of their daughter. So there are many possibilities if you are willing and able to be creative and flexible.