Armed IRS Officers

The U.S. Police State

What’s your definition of a police state?

A bloated federal government that’s forever grasping after more power? We’ve got that.

State, local, and federal agencies that want a say in even the most mundane details of your life? Another check in the ‘yes’ column.

Armed police teams serving in every government agency, ready to carry out a forceful raid whenever they’re ordered to? Shockingly, this is also true.

My friend, it saddens me how much our nation has changed. Our government has quietly armed itself to the teeth and individual agencies are carrying out their own agendas through fear, intimidation, and the threat of violence.

We’re dangerously close to living in a de facto police state.

The Incidents Are Piling Up

In 2011, Gibson Guitar was the target of an armed federal raid. The cause was questions about whether or not imported wood for their guitars had been properly finished before being exported from India.

During the summer of 2013, armed Department of Natural Resources agents raided an animal shelter. The agency had been tipped off that the shelter was illegally housing an abandoned baby deer – obviously cause for a decisive show of force. The shelter was not licensed to care for wildlife, but had made arrangements to move the deer to a wildlife reserve. The raid happened one day before the move. The agents euthanized the deer rather than allow it to be moved to its new home.

Don’t even get me started on the raids of businesses carrying raw milk. Government agencies at both the state and federal level treat raw milk purveyors worse than drug dealers.

These agencies have been allowed to arm up, and it’s clear that they’re letting the power go to their heads.

Forty federal agencies employ teams of armed officers with arrest authority. It makes sense for the DEA and the FBI, but does the Fish and Wildlife Service really need more than 250 full-time armed officers? The National Institutes of Health also employ armed officers. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Library of Congress… the Food and Drug Administration… the Internal Revenue Service… they all have their own armed officers.

If you count the offices of inspector general, the number of armed federal agencies is actually 73. That’s a lot of different bureaucrats authorized to use deadly force to advance their agendas.

Protect Your Freedom

The growing trend of armed officers employed by every federal agency is disturbing. It’s a sign of the shifting mindset of our government – from an entity that serves the people to one that wants to control them.

This newsletter is all about being ready for anything, but being ready for a federal raid… that’s one situation where an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

You need to stay off the government radar as much as possible. For the average citizen, you are most likely to attract government attention through your finances, through zoning laws, or through your online behavior.

Financial: Keep a low financial profile by relying more on cash and less on credit cards. Avoid big cash withdrawals from your bank account whenever you can.

Zoning Laws: Before you build any new additions to your house or decide to install solar panels or add a rain catch to your home, drop by your local city hall, and ask about zoning regulations. No need to give your name. They should be able to provide the information you’re looking for based just on your zip code and your property type.

Online: Avoid unwanted attention online by thinking twice before you post anything to social media and by conducting your searches through a secure search engine like

It’s a shame to have to wonder if you’ll be the next target of some power-hungry government agency itching to put its armed officers to the test. But sadly, we have reached that point. Make sure you take steps to avoid becoming a target in the first place. In this case, avoidance is the best way to be ready for anything.