How to Select Safe Supplements

(Hint: Most of them Are)

Natural supplements actually have a glowing safety record. Compare the number of health related incidents triggered by natural supplements versus those triggered by over-the-counter drugs or by prescription medications, and there’s no doubt that the attention should be on the dangerous drugs.

Just look at how natural supplements measure up to pharmaceuticals:

  • Adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs during hospitalization – 770,000 annually.
  • Adverse reactions to natural supplements – 1,200 annually (including people who claim the supplement is not working as expected).
  • Fatalities due to adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs – 100,000 annually.
  • Fatalities due to adverse reactions to natural supplements – 10 annually.

Natural supplements are dramatically safer than drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription. But the media and the government never miss a chance to trot out the handful of horror stories associated with supplements “not working,” while quietly sweeping the hundreds of thousands of far worse stories associated with drugs under the rug.

Just use these three guidelines to make sure you’re getting safe supplements:

  • Do your own research. If you’re considering taking a new supplement, learn about safety issues including proper dosages, whether or not to take the supplement on an empty stomach, and possible reactions
  • Select trusted brands. Talk to a naturopath or even a pharmacist about the supplement brands they recommend.
  • Find a doctor who is supportive of natural remedies and get their advice on what to take, how much, and which brands to buy.