Obama’s Shutdown Abuses Pile Up

Government Shuts Down Your Rights
Government Shutdown Federal agencies are using this shutdown as their latest excuse to bully taxpayers into submission, and with it the Republicans’ will to stand up to pro-Obamacare forces.Privately owned and operated businesses on federal lands are being forced by armed federal agents to shut their doors. In state after state, restaurants and inns that receive no federal funding are being closed under the threat of force simply because of their location. Every one of these businesses was allowed to stay open during previous government shutdowns. The government shutdown reveals ham-fisted partisan politics at its ugliest. The escapades of the Obama administration during the “shutdown” have turned a serious discussion into a farce. It would be laughable if it weren’t our rights that are under attack. If you haven’t been following the story, Republicans in the House crafted a spending bill that doesn’t fund ObamaCare — because it’s become very apparent that Obama’s promises of deficit reduction under Obamacare was a pack of lies. The bill funds everything else and would allow government to operate as usual. Democrats in the Senate threw the bill out, taking an all-or-nothing stance on government spending. Since the shutdown began, the Obama administration has directed offices within the executive branch to make the shutdown as painful as possible for the average citizen.
Absolutely Outrageous…
In just a week, the stories of absurd government power abuses have piled up faster than the garbage in New York after a snowstorm.Even places that use no government funding and no government services have been effectively shut down. Mount Vernon, the famous home of George Washington, is privately owned. The Park Service couldn’t close it, so they barricaded its parking lot, making it difficult for visitors to gain access. In one of the most egregious displays of force, Lake Mead homeowners were given 24 hours to vacate their residences. They own their homes, but the land is leased. They don’t actively use any federal services living there, but the government forced them out of their homes anyway. Some agencies have actually created new websites to tell visitors they don’t have enough money to maintain their old websites. And of course, you’ve heard that park rangers have been posted at the World War II memorial to physically block elderly veterans who served this country with honor from entering.
Don't Join the Suckers
Military chaplains have been threatened with arrest if they hold services during the shutdown… even if they do it on a voluntary basis. In the latest bit of ridiculousness, park service employees were ordered to shut down scenic overlooks. If you want to pull off the highway and view a slice of America’s beauty, don’t plan on it if that slice happens to be part of the National Park system. Even the overlooks are being barricaded. The justification is that the Park Service doesn’t have the money to send people to pick up any trash that someone may leave behind. Clearly they have the money to send people out to set up barricades. The reason behind all of this was stated clearly by a member of the Park Service. “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation … We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”
Time to JUST SAY NO to the Control Freaks and Mega-Spenders
Government Shutdown This entire episode is proof positive that federal overlords are hellbent on controlling every aspect of our personal lives. Mr. Obama can blame the budget crisis on partisan bickering all he wants, but he and he alone is responsible for the draconian measures federal agencies are taking against taxpayers. He and his armies of angry dependents want taxpayers to come to heel. The lifestyle that they have become accustomed to must be paid for with your grocery money in the form of higher taxes. Ruining vacations and travel plans of taxpayers is just one small slice of their “bully the public” strategy. Mr. Obama hopes that when the dust settles everyone will blame his political opponents, especially the Tea Party Republicans.For members of the House of Representatives, it’s their job to determine what to fund and what not to fund. The Constitution says so — all spending bills originate in the House. They’ve determined that Obamacare needs plenty more work before it receives funding. They’ve attempted to pass appropriation bills to open up the Park Service, veterans memorials, and to fund services in Washington D.C. Democrats have shot down every effort at compromise so far. Don’t pay attention to the inter-party squabbling. This is about Big Government vs the People. And Big Government is showing some serious contempt for both the Constitution and the American people. Don’t stand for it. Yours in Freedom,
Lee BellingerLee Bellinger, Publisher Independent Living
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