Obama Commissions 5 Million New Government Spies

Feds Order Government Workers
to Record and Report
Co-Workers’ Personal Information

Even Female Employees’ Bra Sizes

It’s become a core plank of the Obama Administration and their freedom-destroying agenda – spying on American citizens by fellow citizens.

Big Brother is Watching

Obviously we all want protection from terrorists and others who wish to do us harm. But it’s coming at the expense of individual liberties. In the face of the backlash over recent IRS and NSA scandals, instead of taking a step in the right direction and returning to focused, targeted investigations, Obama is doubling down on a program developed in 2011 – one that did nothing to prevent the NSA leaks.

This program, known as the “Insider Threat Program” uses unproven behavioral profiling techniques and requires government employees to spy on us, and on each other.

Some features of this program…

  • This in-house spying program covers nearly every agency and department in the government, including the Peace Corps – more than 5 million American citizens are directly affected by this program.

  • Investigations can be triggered by employees reporting on the “insider threat behavior” of their colleagues, like working odd hours and or making unusual travel arrangements.

  • Managers of the Insider Threat Program have regular access to personnel, payroll, and disciplinary profiles.

  • Employees who don’t report suspicious behavior could face criminal charges. These freedom-destroying policies promote “false positive” reports, as workers are incentivized to turn in as many co-workers as possible to avoid career-ending charges.

It’s highly doubtful that this kind of social and behavioral monitoring can predict leaks with any accuracy. More likely, this program will result in further privacy violations. Retaliatory accusations may also become a problem, not to mention the effects that institutionalized snitching will have on the work environment. Prepare for government efficiency to drop another peg.

More Privacy, Not Less

The Administration’s response to recent leaks needs SHOULD be to be a move toward restoring privacy, instead, their policies are eroding our freedoms even further. We all recognize the need for scrutiny of suspicious behavior within sensitive agencies like the CIA and the NSA, but what we do not need is another blanket program that gathers information on anyone and everyone.

These misguided policies all add up to further the incremental erosion of our fundamental rights. They put every one of us in the position of being guilty until proven innocent. Worse yet, standing up for your privacy casts immediate suspicion on you as someone who needs to be investigated.It’s an ugly position for our government to take. Unfortunately, it’s not all that surprising.

A Good Reason
to Take Precautions

Take a look at these examples of the disgraceful, stunning abuse of power and total disregard for your freedom that have already been perpetrated by government officials themselves: actions of government officials give the clearest argument in favor of stronger protections on privacy.

  • In Florida, one police officer accessed the Department of Motor Vehicles database to gather personal information on a bank teller he had a crush on.

  • Also in Florida, 88 police officers gathered personal information on a fellow officer that they then used to harass her.

  • Multiple IRS agents have been caught digging through personal details in the files of Hollywood stars, sports celebrities, and even their own neighbors.

  • The state of South Carolina compromised the private financial information of thousands of citizens by mishandling a phishing email.

  • In Detroit, a civil service employee released the height, weight, and shockingly, the bra sizes of female police officers.

It’s clear, these people can’t be trusted with your personal information, folks. Sooner or later they will misuse it or mishandle it… and that could mean a world of hurt for you.

Try these three easy steps to lessen your exposure.

Pay with cash as often as is practical. Every credit card transaction creates a trail that the government can track, and information and they could eventually misuse.

Search the Web with Ixquick. It’s a secure Web browser that does not track your search history based on your IP address.

Use Google Voice for sensitive calls. With Google voice, you can create a phone number that reroutes your calls to any other number of your choosing (up to five numbers). It’s a free service, and you can add and discard numbers as needed, making your your private telephone calls more difficult for the government to track.

Now more than ever, you must take an active role in protecting your privacy, because our government is actively trying to undermine it.