9-11. Benghazi. Boston. What’s Next?

Security vs. Liberty
Have Obama’s Police-State Policies Worked?

Total security does not exist. But government overreach does.

Today, the feds don’t discriminate when collecting surveillance data. But they do single out who they use it against, especially Tea Party members, conservatives and other critics of big government.

Recent revelations about extreme government overreach have started to worry a majority of Americans. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, reveal, among other things, that the NSA has cracked all popular encryption methods and actively collaborates with your Internet Service Providers and Security companies to create backdoors into your system and internet data.

This type of prying government surveillance is done in the name of ‘national security,’ but has it worked? Are we any more secure than we were twelve years ago?

“Twelve years after 9-11, it is our view that the terrorist threat to the United States is as dangerous as ever.” Those were NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s wordsin September of 2013, when he addressed the ABNY Council on Foreign Relations. “The threat of terrorism is great, if not greater, today than it was before the World Trade Center was destroyed…”

To be sure, government intelligence agencies monitor threats and, theoretically, can try to prevent attacks. But, no matter what resources are spent, intelligence services simply can’t be everywhere at once. That’s an unachievable goal, even assuming it were a worthy one.

We know from first-hand experience, in the last year alone, that there is no place on Earth completely safe from these threats, and that attacks on civilians are carried out by organized terrorist groups and rogue, lone-wolf individuals alike.

We’ve been telling my readers for years how to keep a low profile, avoid government intrusions and scrutiny, and prepare for unpredictable and potentially devastating events like terrorist attacks and economic collapse. This information is more relevant now than it has ever been, and it is quickly becoming vastly more popular, too! Don’t take it from us- just look at a 2012 political values survey, which showed 64% of the country said they were concerned that “the government is collecting too much information about people like me.”

From Boston to Benghazi, danger and violence present real risks and tough decisions for millions of people, every day. Making sensible, measured preparations to function and prosper in this environment is a must. Don’t wait for events to overwhelm your life. Act now, and secure your family’s future in these uncertain times.