Labor Day Savings on our Hottest Gear!

Labor Day Sale!
20% off Med E-Pack!
Off-The-Grid Emergency Medical System
These limited-edition “field hospitals” are all about you having highly valued, hard-to-find advanced medical items for personal use, emergency, or even barter situations. Hurry! Only 67 left in stock!
30-Day Evac-Pak
Your family deserves great and nutritious edibles that are long lasting, tasty, unprocessed, and are easy to prepare. And right now, you must reinforce your defenses!Each Home Evacuation Food Security Module includes 60,000 calories that ensure a balanced diet and get one person through a pinch for a full 30 days – the absolute minimum period you need to be prepared for any emergency.
20% off Emergency Food Supply
10% off E-PACK
Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack
The E-PACK comes to you stuffed to the brim… loaded up with the very necessities of life and even a few well chosen ‘creature comforts’ to help you (literally) weather any storm, whether an Act of God or some type of man-made disaster.
Colloidal Silver Generator
There’s a special anti-biotic, anti-viral, and water-purifying mixture that the FDA bureaucrats want banned! This alternative to ordinary drugs is disappearing fast.This exclusive but simple solution is used by NASA to purify astronaut’s drinking water in space! Many experts hail colloidal silver as nothing short of a miracle.
10% off CSG
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