Gun Owners Stand Their Ground

Obama’s Gun Orders Are A Political Misfire

After the Connecticut school shooting in December of 2012, anti-gun politicians, activists, and reporters took full advantage of the crisis, and used the tragic deaths of children as a wedge issue for their gun-grabbing agenda.

They engaged in an electronic blitzkrieg – a well-coordinated, emotionally based PR campaign – to convince Americans that legislation had to be passed, to prevent another mass shooting from happening again. A weird thing happened along the road to gun-control utopia: Many average citizens let their elected representatives know they won’t stand this. If politicians dared to infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, they would face serious political consequences.

Liberal Gun Control Efforts Miss Their Mark

Preserve our Gun Rights One of Obama’s goals was to make the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Todd B. Jones, the agency’s permanent director. Jones, a darling of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was confirmed on August 1 with only 53 votes, a scant majority composed almost entirely of members of Mr. Obama’s party.

Traditionally, Social Security has been called the “Third Rail” of politics in Washington D.C. That’s because if Senators or Congressmen even attempted to reduce Social Security benefits, they would be committing political suicide. Given the recent failure of gun control legislation in Congress, it’s accurate to say the 2nd Amendment is also a “Third Rail” issue for most Americans. The consequences of aggressive gun-control legislation aren’t limited to just the nation’s capital. Colorado’s Democratically-controlled legislature rammed through gun bills that were written and supported by liberal politicians and activists in New York and Washington D.C. While gun-control advocates won this legislative battle, it could carry a steep political price. Colorado State Senate President John Morse was interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, and arrogantly proclaimed that he and other elected officials didn’t have to listen to their constituents’ opinions on legislation. Maybe the Senator’s hearing will improve, now that he and Senator Angela Giron (both gun-control supporters) are up for recall elections. Coloradans also didn’t like the anti-gun words and freedom-destroying actions of Governor John Hickenlooper. Recent polls reveal a significant drop in his popularity, and he looks to have a much tougher re-election campaign in 2014.

Political Backlash Loosens Gun Laws In Gun-Hating Illinois
The political backlash against gun-control efforts is being felt even in staunchly Democratic states like New York and Connecticut, where gun dealers and manufacturers are closing up shop and taking jobs and tax revenues to friendlier states. The cities and states that have the most onerous gun control laws also have the highest rates of gun crime. This includes the city of Chicago and state of Illinois, where citizens have made their voices heard, saying “enough is enough.”The Illinois legislature passed a statewide concealed-carry bill with a veto-proof majority in both chambers. Although liberal politicians – such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn – are trying to water the bill down, it’s a strong sign that a growing number of Americans are fed up with heavy-handed and ineffective gun control laws. One notable reaction to the post-Newtown media environment was the last-minute cancellation of the massive Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, in Harrisburg, PA last February. Weak-kneed show organizers elected to ban certain hunting rifles from the show. Hundreds of vendors and sponsors boycotted the event in response. Dozens of regional gun shows have popped up across the commonwealth since then. The 2014 edition of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show will be sponsored by the National Rifle Association. I predict right now that it will be the largest show in the event’s six-decade history. After the Connecticut school shooting, it looked like political momentum was strongly with gun control advocates. While President Obama and Congressional Democrats are still trying to push a stricter gun control agenda, recent events in Washington and around the country are much more encouraging for supporters of Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.
Yours in Freedom, Lee Bellinger Lee Bellinger, Publisher Independent Living