Are Google and Obama…In Cahoots?

Are Google and Obama…
In Cahoots?

Invasion of privacy and personal autonomy have finally gotten some of the wider attention the subject deserves. Independent Living subscribers have known for some time that news of the NSA being engaged in widespread surveillance is old news. And frankly a relatively small sideshow in comparison to far broader and deeper federal efforts aimed not at terrorists, but law abiding people who disagree with post-Constitutional government decree making. Not to mention that large tech firms such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft and numerous Internet service companies routinely provide information on their user’s personal information. It’s all a question of who you trust.

Now it is a simple matter for political activists throughout the government — including the IRS — to create a complete profile on you, your family, and your friends. This information can also be used to target certain groups, and if you think they won’t, simply look at the recent IRS scandal. Certain groups receive less quality service than preferred groups. And there are many, many other examples of political power being abused throughout the country.

How Regulatory Pressures Continue to Constrict Internet Speech

Look no further than your own inbox. With many email providers, Gmail included, our latest content is tucked away in a folder called Promotions.

First, we aren’t the Bass Pro Shops of survival equipment; we don’t send you “Promotions” constantly.

Second, we don’t spam, we inform.

And Third, the information we provide would be crushing to the government’s credibility if a wider audience received our email messages.Is it possible heavily regulated email providers are helping their overseers to stifle certain speech in order to curry favor?

For now impossible to prove, but equally impossible to ignore in light of increasingly aggressive government and its capitalist cronies.

You Should Be the One to Tune Out
Stupid Internet Arguments, Not Regulators
Either way, you can move our messages to your inbox by dragging any message from Independent Living into your ‘Primary’ tab and clicking ‘Yes’ to allow our emails to be received in your inbox each time they are sent. This way, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest issues of government overreach along with priceless survival skills everyone should know.Freedom functions best when individuals make their own decisions to tune out offensive or stupid political arguments they don’t want to hear. Not Internet service providers under the watchful eye of politically motivated regulators.
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