6 Strategies for Steering Clear of Dependence Status

The Mind-Blowing Facts:
Mushrooming Government Dependence in America

Have you started to wonder how long this economic “recovery” is going to drag on? The mainstream media keeps claiming economic victory, that things are looking up, that it won’t be long now before job creation catches up with unemployment and everything starts to turn around.

But the real figures show a much less promising picture:

  • Job creation lagged again, dropping from 183,000 a month to 165,000 a month.
  • On average, the new jobs pay less than those that were lost.
  • Unemployment remains officially above 7 percent – still higher than anything we’ve seen in the past 20 years. And the true unemployment number is at least twice that due to intentional under-reporting by crooked federal bean counters who have their finger on the scale.
  • The length of unemployment is more than twice anything we’ve seen in the last 50 years!

For tens of millions of Americans, no recovery is in sight. They have become, for all practical purposes, permanent government dependents. And as their ranks continue to balloon, we approach the tipping point where there will not be enough productive members of society left to carry them all all. Your wealth, your security, and your freedom are all on the line.

Bleeding Your Wallet Dry:
Funding Government Safety Nets

According to the U.S census, 15.9 percent of Americans live below the poverty level, a number that’s risen steadily over the last four years.

More Americans living in poverty means more Americans receiving government assistance.

  • 146 million Americans are either poor (living in poverty) or low-income, living near the poverty line. That’s 20 million more living in poverty today than the entire population of the United States during the Great Depression.
  • More than 100 million Americans are enrolled in a least one government welfare plan.
  • Nearly 48 million Americans (one in seven) collect food stamps.
  • Nearly 12 million Americans collect unemployment.
  • More than 3 million households receive housing subsidies.
  • More than 14 million people under the age of 65 are receiving disability benefits.

Taxpayers get tapped to fund all of these programs. Worse, the government is deliberately creating a culture of dependence that forces productive Americans to make due with less while many of those receiving handouts demand and receive more… and are willing to react violently when they don’t get it. You only need recall the Occupy Wall Street movement to know this is true.

Getting Priced Out of Self-Reliance

In the face of all this, the government continues to regulate and outlaw strategies to become more self-reliant. For example…

  • In many cities and states, it costs hundreds of dollars in licensing fees to set up and run a simple business. And that doesn’t even touch on additional regulations and permits like signage fees, equipment permits, and EPA permits. This puts one of the best self-reliance strategies – owning your own business – out of reach for millions of Americans.

  • Many municipalities across the country still have laws against even very small numbers of backyard ducks and chickens, preventing enterprising people from cutting their grocery bills while supplementing their diet with healthy, natural food.

  • Zoning laws get more and more restrictive. Did you know that in some communities, if a homeowner has a lawful home profession, their spouse is now prohibited from starting a home occupation of their own? Bossy-pants planning officials in these municipalities have decided that only one home occupation will be permitted per household. Intentionally stifling entrepreneurship has to be the absolute stupidest thing government can do.

  • In Illinois, California, Colorado, and Ohio, you can’t even legally store the rainwater that falls on your property unless you jump through a maze of government hoops.

The government is deliberately forcing people into dependence. And destroying the economy as they do so.

You must take steps now to start building a secure future for you and your family, while we still have freedom of action:

Buy precious metals, and keep at least part of your investment readily accessible. As the long term fundamentals of the dollar weaken, having some hard assets to balance your portfolio becomes more important. By keeping small denominations of silver and gold on hand, you’ll have purchasing power as the dollar collapses.

Put away some back-up cash. The dollar may not buy much, but some is better than none. And when the economies collapse, credit usually shuts down. Your physical dollars will have greater purchasing power than your credit and debit cards.

Build a barter kit. Stock up on easily traded essentials. They’ll give you leverage to buy the things you need in a broken economy.

Establish a reserve of essentials. Food, water, fuel, and medicine. Think about the basics you need to live comfortably and start stocking up. A 30-day supply of essentials is a bare minimum. We recommend you aim for three to six months.

Assess your security. Poverty itself doesn’t increase crime, but masses of people living with an entitlement mindset certainly do. Expect crime rates to go up as the economy unravels. Make sure your home is secure and that you have the means to protect yourself and your family.

Keep it quiet. Whatever preparations you make keep them quiet. Government officials are taking an uncomfortable interest in those who don’t agree with government-sanctioned ideas. Don’t attract any unnecessary attention.

It is past time to take your self-reliance seriously. Start preparing today.