4 Ways to Say No to Abusive Government

4 Steps We’re Taking Immediately
to Preserve Our Personal Liberties

Our individual liberties are under attack by our own government. The very people sworn to protect and secure individual liberty are undermining it at every turn.

Just look at their track record…

The right to exercise your free speech: The IRS scandals show how the government uses intimidation and harassment to punish anyone who isn’t towing the party line.

The right to keep and bear arms. “Nobody needs an AR-15,” scolds Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Feinstein. When did we become a nation where the government decides what we do and don’t need? Next they’ll be trying to tell us we don’t need to eat meat… oh wait, they’re already starting to do that in New York, San Francisco and other “progressive” cities.

The right to be secure in your papers. The rise in “delayed-search” warrants being issued is just one indicator that this amendment is being whittled away if not ignored entirely.

The right to not have your property seized. Eminent domain abuses have become commonplace. The intent of eminent domain is for the government to buy people out of land in the event of a public need, such as building a highway or a public building. Nowadays, government agencies force people out of their land so that private companies can develop it. It improves the tax base, is their excuse.

The right to a speedy trial: Imagine getting pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving and spending 22 months in solitary confinement without trial. Sounds like something that would happen in a third world country, right? It happened to an American citizen in a New Mexico jail that boasts on its website having 197 full-time employees. Apparently not one of them was concerned that this presumed-innocent citizen was being detained improperly for nearly two years.

Four Steps to Protect Your Liberty

If you haven’t already, the time to act to protect your liberty is now. The first step to doing so is to stock up on items to meet your basic needs in a crisis. If the dollar collapses, if social unrest erupts, or if a widespread disaster strikes our nation, it will curb your liberty through simple economic difficulty… unless you’re prepared. Stock up on foods with a long shelf life – enough to last your family for at least a month. Store a back-up water supply, too. Know what you’ll do if the power goes out. Keep cash on hand and build up a store of items that are good for barter – you can use both to obtain things you need during an economic crisis.

The next step is to put together a plan to defend your home should you ever need to. Install solid doors with good locks. Plant thorny bushes beneath windows so they’re difficult to approach. Set up a motion-sensing light so that people can’t sneak up on your home in the dark. Consider purchasing a firearm, and if you do buy a gun, make sure you train with it.

Educate those around you about their freedoms and the values our nation was founded on. Jefferson said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. Enable them to see that it is in their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them… [The people] are the only sure reliance for the preservation of liberty.” People will vote to protect liberty only if they understand what they are defending. So don’t be shy about telling your friends and family what you believe.

Finally, live debt-free and demand the same of the government. That’s a tall order, we know. Jefferson also said, “[The people] are our dependence for continued freedom. And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt…” Frankly, we’ve already fallen down on this one… hard. Take steps in your personal life to get out of debt and make this your litmus test for supporting any political candidate. They must support ending America’s suicidal deficit spending.

We won’t soft-pedal this. Our liberties are in more danger now than they have been at any time in the history of our nation. And yet each of us does still have freedom of action. The first step is to begin securing your personal liberty, and you do that by making yourself ready-for-anything.