We’re All Suspects Now…

Government Attacks on Your Freedom
Get Aggressive

At a 2013 graduation event, President Obama told grads to reject the voices that warn against government tyranny. He may be asking you to reject the voices of liberty, but you can bet he’s keeping track.
Neighbor spying

Recent revelations about the IRS going after Tea Party activists and other critics of big government are just the tip of the iceberg. Over a year ago, we deployed a video briefing viewed by over a million people which warned about the Justice Department’s singling out of conservative and liberty groups as subjects of greater law enforcement scrutiny.

Just look at the freedom-destroying angle that the government and Homeland Security are pushing aggressively – so-called fusion centers, strategically situated offices where surveillance information is coordinated among federal, state and local officials. Richard Davis, a fusion center director, insists:“The misconceptions are that we are conducting spying operations on US citizens, which is of course not a fact. That is absolutely not what we do…” Then he went on to concede that fusion centers do take an active interest in those who’ve expressed anti-government sentiments. By “taking an active interest,” it’s clear he means surreptitiously monitoring.

We’re sorry, how is this any different from spying on law-abiding citizens? Mr. Davis seems oblivious to the fact that there is still a free press in this country. That we still operate under a Freedom of Information Act. That official and publicly available documents mandate spying on citizens. That millions of Americans are sitting up and taking notice of the erosion of their freedoms.

Yes, They Pay Attention
If You Are a Government Critic

The Department of Homeland Security has set up more than 65 of these offices around the nation.
“We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government…”

If the fusion centers aren’t enough to make you nervous about the erosion of your freedom, then how about this?

In Palm Beach County, Florida, law enforcement officials are introducing a new hotline program aimed at preventing violence, they say. Citizens can call in any time with their concerns that a neighbor, friend, or coworker might be ready to act violently.

Watch It:
Be Careful of What You Tell
Your Neighbor

If your neighbor calls in to say you’ve been acting a little off lately, the police will pay you a visit… actually knock on your door to make sure everything’s alright.

One especially disturbing quote comes from Sheriff Bradshaw, the top cop running this program… “We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government…” This is no mere p.r. campaign – the Florida legislature has given the sheriff $1 million to carry out this program.

Given that liberty-oriented views are now often derided as “hate speech,” the sheriff’s mandate should give us all pause. Unhappy with your growing tax burden, wasteful government spending, or the newest freedom-destroying law? Better keep your thoughts to yourself. At least if you’re in Palm Beach.

You May Be a Potential
Domestic Terrorist

As we’ve previously reported, the Department of Justice released a report on the danger of what it calls “extremism.” The report does not focus on specific groups with a known penchant for violence. Instead it uses broad strokes to warn against extremism from the right..Things like:

  • Being generally anti-government
  • Preferring state and local government influence to federal
  • Having non-government approved opinions about abortion or immigration
  • Or being against new gun control measures

Express any of these views and the DOJ, FBI, DHS and their puppets in other government agencies want to brand you as a potential terrorist. That means you in their crosshairs of their efforts to scan your emails, monitor your online behavior, and track your every move.

You have two options in the face of a government that’s shown itself willing to spy on citizens who express opinions it doesn’t like… who may even send someone to knock on your door to discuss your wayward behavior.