IRS Scandal Special Report

IRS Scandal Special Report

By Lee Bellinger

As Predicted, Obama’s IRS Intimidates,
Harasses, and Bullies Conservatives…

Are YOU Next on Their Hit List?

In March 2012, the IRS announced warm and fuzzy policies to help those struggling to pay back taxes while managing financial hardships. Little did most people know that at that time, the IRS’s campaign of intimidation and persecution against liberty-oriented taxpayers was well underway. But we not only suspected this was happening, we clearly warned our readers a year in advance:

“No, I am not a revolutionary. Even though Justice Department documents now quite literally brand anyone who believes in liberty as some kind of subversive.”

My warnings went on to emphasize:

“I am not making this up. The official Justice Department document, prepared, printed, and distributed at taxpayer expense, is titled Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism. This document, proudly displaying an official Justice Department logo on its cover, mandates that anyone who has studied the above topics is to be subjected to enhanced scrutiny by criminal investigators, who are directed ‘to obtain as much information as possible’ about such citizens. “This same document goes on. If you consider yourself a ‘constitutionalist,’ or a ‘Christian patriot,’ or if you identify with the ‘Tax-Protest Movement’ (aka Tea Party), you, too, have been named as a terror threat, per this official 120-page Department of Justice manual.”

And I gave many other examples of how liberty supporting Americans are being classified as ‘threats’ in government documents throughout Washington. It took more than a year for the IRS’s scandalous behavior to become national news… and the Obama administration – one that promised “an unprecedented level of openness in government” – is still playing dumb. But followers of Independent Living Newsletter have known for more than a year this administration’s determination to use unaccountable bureaucracies to hamper, intimidate, and harass average citizens based on their political associations.

“We’re gonna punish our enemies…” –Barack Obama

It started as a trickle. On May 10th, Lois Lerner, the official in charge of overseeing tax-exempt organizations, issued an apology that acknowledged that conservative groups were “inappropriately” targeted by the IRS. The initial reports were that this thing just happened in Ohio, and it was a simple case of misbehavior on the part of a few staffers. But within days, the real extent of the IRS’ scandalous actions became clear. Nearly 500 groups were targeted for extra scrutiny.[1]

Citizens attempting to organize into non-profit groups with “Tea Party” or “Patriots” in their name or who used descriptions with wording that was critical of the current leadership were flagged.[2] Such groups would not hear from the IRS for long periods of time. And when they did, they were asked for outlandish things like print-outs of their Facebook pages, copies of their reading lists, lists of their donors … even the cotent of their prayers!

Their applications for tax-exempt status were delayed, sometimes as long as two years or more, while the IRS asked for information that at the very least intimidated their free speech rights if not outright violated them.

Now, you may be thinking that this doesn’t affect you directly. Sure, it’s terrible that the IRS is targeting non-profit groups based on political leanings, but I don’t have plans to start such a group or to even join one, so I don’t need to worry.

Not so fast. The aggressive stance of this administration toward collecting revenues and silencing dissenting opinions already is affecting you starting with a barrage of petty fees and fines. More state-level, federally-inspired speed traps, automated camera ticket scams, green fines of all stripes, regulatory penalties for petty infractions on home improvement projects, mysterious new Internet and cell phone “surcharges,” and on and on.

If you like to enjoy afternoons on your local lake, you’ve probably noticed the number of officious police, game wardens, and forestry agents have recently multiplied (all from different jurisdictions trolling for fines, fines, fines) – barking orders at sunbathers and handing out tickets to working-class boaters for ridiculous petty infractions. The long arm of Uncle Sam’s intrusive tax collection schemes seems to know no limits.

For example, the Census Bureau is now using satellite global positioning systems (GPS) to create a national database of the precise coordinates of each U.S. home (making it easier for government-contracted satellite systems to “inventory” what is on your property). These are only early indicators, I am sorry to say. The tax collection jihad still getting into high gear.

Three Audit-Risk Reduction Tips

One of this administration’s tactics for drumming up more federal revenue is to step up IRS audits.[3] Under the Obama administration, the chance that you’ll face an IRS audit is on the rise… and it’s going up fast. Now more than ever, you want to keep your profile low… especially when it comes to the IRS. These government bureaucrats have proven they’re petty and vindictive and willing to make your life a living hell should you attract the wrong kind of attention to yourself.

The first step to protecting yourself is to reduce the risk of your tax return being noticed and flagged for an audit.

  1. Provide proactive explanations and documentation: If you have expenses or deductions that you know might raise a red flag for IRS reviewers, go ahead and include documentation and relevant receipts with your original tax return. Taking this step can move your tax return from the “flagged as suspicious” pile to the “file it and move on” pile.[4]
  2. Double-check your personal exemptions: Claiming the wrong number of personal exemptions is a good way to put your return on the fast track to an audit. Take the time to confirm you’ve entered this correctly.[5]
  3. Enter exact numbers: Round numbers for expenses or deductions look fishy to IRS reviewers and might set you up for extra scrutiny.[6]

Audit-proofing your tax returns may not be enough to avoid IRS suspicion if you’re not avoiding an important mistake…

Your Online Behavior May Trigger Unwanted IRS Attention

If for any reason the IRS is considering giving you an audit, one of the first things they’ll do is review your social media accounts. They’ll check your Twitter posts and Facebook updates for anything suspicious.[7] If you make posts criticizing the IRS, bragging about big purchases, or boasting about fooling the government, those may increase the chance that you’ll get selected for some extra IRS attention.

In fact, based on recent events, you might consider keeping your political opinions off of social media altogether. This administration has already proven a willingness to cross lines and undermine freedom by harassing and intimidating those who openly criticize it… even average citizens like you and me.

The War on Your Freedom Is Only Going to Get Worse

Based on recent news items, I predict that government abuse of power in the name of security and fairness is going to reach unprecedented levels.

It’s already happening in Palm Beach, Florida where a pilot program is being launched. Under this program, a 24-hour hotline is being set up where anyone can call and report suspicious behavior. The purpose of the program is purportedly to identify dangerously violent and unbalanced people before they commit a mass murder. But according the sheriff running the program, he wants to know about people who “hate the government” too.

In response to a call, members of the sheriff’s department will knock on door of the newly reported “person-of-interest” and interview them to make sure everything is okay. This police agency is turning neighbors into government informants, and they’re getting $1 million to do it. And remember, this is a pilot program. If it’s labeled successful by our overreaching government bureaucrats, it will be rolled out in cities all over the nation.

Your Healthcare at Their Mercy

One more thing to consider… The IRS… the same agency that’s been stonewalling conservative groups, asking them for print-outs of their Facebook pages, for their reading lists, and for the content of their prayers… the same agency that’s been grilling conservatives about their protest activity, their links to other conservatives, and whether or not they’ve recently contacted their congressmen… this is the agency that the Obama administration has put in charge of enforcing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Not just the agency either. The actual person who was in charge of overseeing tax-exempt organizations during the time when conservative groups started being targeted is now in charge of the Affordable Care Act office.[8]

Do you think the IRS will ask about your political alliances when determining if you’re in compliance with Obamacare? Do you think your political leanings might trigger an IRS review of your insurance coverage? Or, determine you place in line when you are waiting for access to rationed healthcare services It’s sad we have to ask these questions, but it has indeed come to that.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

More than a year ago, I warned my cherished readers that the IRS was overstepping its bounds, that this administration would begin using the IRS to intimidate and harass those who dare to speak against it. I’m not happy that I was right.

I won’t stop bringing my readers breaking information and well-thought-out, well-founded predictions about the abuse of government power, the erosion of your freedoms, and the impact it can have on your wealth and security. The best way to protect yourself from government thugs is to see their next move and to prepare for it before they make it.

In my monthly, information-packed newsletter you receive secrets to protecting your wealth, warnings about impending dangers to your finances and to your freedom, tips for safely growing your wealth in these uncertain times, strategies for protecting your freedom, security and privacy in the face of government abuse, and loads of practical information to help you live a more self-reliant life.

Yours in defending freedom,

Lee Bellinger

Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living

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