Smart Prepping Is Way More Than a Fad

Smarter Communities,
Increased Home Resiliency, & Reduced Anxiety

By Lee Bellinger

  • Smartly adapting to weather these dangerous times will pave the way for a lower anxiety lifestyle that you totally deserve.
  • Prepping may be a delicate subject for many, but currently, it is the biggest stealth trend in America.

The term “prepping” is very much on the rise, which by itself is not big news. But what I want to share with you shortly about prepping really is big news.

There is much, much more going on with all this prepping business than meets the eye. Yes, at the moment, there is a glut of amusing reality TV shows that zero in on extremely paranoid preppers – a form of mockery that’s unfortunately discouraged many thoughtful Americans from looking carefully at what prepping actually is. And worse, even discouraged many likeminded individualists from getting started, due to what they perceive as a social stigma.

Which is understandable. Many in the mainstream media dismiss prepping as an “end of the world” fixation – explained away as a “flavor-of-the-month” social phenomenon. The distracting narrative goes something along these lines: “prepping” is a social fad that rivals the pet rocks from the 1970s, the Cabbage Patch craze of the 1980s, or the tech bubble mania of the 1990s.

Let me reassure you. Contrary to the media spin on prepping, smart and very successful people are looking around and quietly improving their families’ resilience to dangerous national trends. Across the country savvy Americans are systematically erecting defenses around all of the facets of their lives in a way that goes far beyond keeping some extra food in the house or stocking up on guns and ammo.

The most pervasive media lie of all is that one must first believe the world is coming to an end before engaging in practical planning. By my lights, that’s like refusing to go to the doctor for routine checkups based on fatalistic excuses such as: “If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go.” The problem with that is many diseases fall far short of death if caught early enough – but if they’re unaddressed, they could leave your body damaged in ways that compromise your future quality of life.

Don’t Listen to the Propaganda –
See Below to Make Yourself Much Safer

There is a high probability that end of the world scenarios are the least of our problems going forward. The larger issue is the decades of heavy government control over so many economic decisions, which has caused dysfunction to spread. Government-driven mal-investments forced onto the economy over time have spread like dry rot to the basic infrastructure on which hundreds of millions of people depend.

This includes precarious U.S. financial stability and barely functioning government finances. The dysfunction crisis America faces is also seen in growing major issues afflicting the stability of water, electricity,medical and food supply chains. As dysfunction and lack of correction in these critical pillars of civilization structure grow, so do your personal and financial risks.

I have some very practical things to share later on that will help you make your personal situation better, especially concerning your retirement security, your personal physical security, and many other facets of your quality of life.

Let’s take a closer look at the gun show boom going on all around the country. Record attendance has been reported across the U.S. Gun buying is a pretty good barometer of social anxiety. Many say people are buying guns in massive numbers because of President Barack Obama. You’ve probably heard this one… if you talk with gun dealers, many will laughingly tell you that President Obama himself is their “salesman of the decade.”

But is Mr. Obama truly the driving force behind the growing “prepping” movement that has taken the nation by storm? I don’t think so, because the instinct to “prep” runs deep. Let me explain.

Yes, High Level Government Big-Wigs Are Quiet Preppers

Some years back, during the Bush 43rd presidency, I belonged to a high-profile boating club in Southwest Washington, D.C. My neighbors included numerous members of Congress, even a former interior secretary and many high level government workers ranging from Pentagon workers to Homeland Security bigwigs, to FBI and other law enforcement specialists. All supersmart people not given to paranoia or manic thinking.

What struck me over my five years in that marina; I noticed that many high-level Washington players were quietly having major home generator systems installed in their expensive home neighborhoods. Left wing, right wing, in-the-middle – it did not matter – people in significant positions of authority did not have sufficient confidence in social stability and the infrastructure that supports civilization to trust their families to it.

So my conclusion about the “prepping” movement is this – it is about something much larger than end-ofthe- world-ers stocking up for a total catastrophe.

This realization helped me to create Independent Living in 2006. It was the moment that I stopped reporting the ins and outs of politics, and shifted my publishing efforts to creating practical ideas and defenses for the dangerous times we live in. My focus since then has been about quietly and effectively preparing for mounting dangers to everyone’s health, retirement security, privacy – how to slowly build a total defensive system around your life.

I’ll Show You How to Get Started Right

So please, take advantage of every single resource we offer our valued readers. At the end of this story, I will show you how to take full advantage of this free information.

Back on point, prepping is derided when in fact it is a deep, broad force on the American political scene. And it is going to continue to grow with time no matter who is president.

Contrarians have an instinctive and appropriate worry about modern society’s headlong plunge into growing interdependence and skill specialization.

From nuclear technicians to chemical engineers to biochemists, modern skill specialization helps us all. Scientific breakthroughs accumulate and grow with each generation, not unlike the magic of compound interest. Division of labor allows us to fly in safer airplanes, gain access to new cancer drugs, as well as other better medicines and treatments. Basically all the advantages of modern technology have come about because human society is structured around a social system which allows our most talented people to focus on science and technology breakthroughs which for the most part create a higher standard of living for everyone.

However, the downside of skill specialization and division of labor is the steady, broad disappearance of basic self-reliance skills among the masses. We are facing the hard reality of lost practical skills and a greater reliance on the “collective good.” The average person knows how to do less and less with each generation –- especially when it comes to building things we need or growing food.

The general decline of self-reliance and the rise of dependence on others must be taken into account, or in my view, you are far more vulnerable to dangerous social trends than you have to be.

Dangerous Social Overdependence on Everything
Is a Potential Threat to You

Picture today’s general public compared to the more agrarian society of 125 years ago.

It goes without saying that very few people today know how to fend for themselves, much less hunt, fish, or prepare game food for their family. Only specialists know how to grow food. People pay less attention to self reliant medicine because they’ve mentally checked out on managing their own health issues.

The real kicker, the painful truth that should compel you to be ready for anything is this – most folks are dangerously over-conditioned to just expect water to come out of their tap, the lights to turn on, for gasoline to come out of the pump and for food to be in stock at the grocery stores 24-7. And as so long as that critical infrastructure is working right and everyone is able to get their food stamps and checks from the government, and as long as the power is on – all is well.

The psychological overdependence on everything “working right,” especially on such a massive scale, has never before been seen in human history. And the rise of government-run schools has only brought more Americans into a dangerous mental dependence that encourages people to look to politicians and not themselves for improving their lot in life.

Smarter people know that the veneer of civilization is much thinner than is generally realized. They understand that politicians cannot truly take care of their needs. And most of all, they’ve envisioned that if the lights and refrigeration suddenly went off and stayed off for even a few weeks, the center might well not hold. Let’s face it. Millions of people can’t learn about farming on their own overnight. Or hunting, cleaning and preparing a deer for food. These are lost skills.

Hard Evidence that Massive Social Chaos
is on a Hair Trigger

Remember news of that simple computer glitch that affected food stamp recipients? It led to near riots and runs on stores recently. That’s just a taste of what could happen if a financial crisis suddenly cut off large numbers of government dependents throughout the country.

And you’d better believe it isn’t an accident that the federal government is running active emergency exercises against the growing chance that the U.S. is headed for major electricity grid disruptions. Rolling blackouts are already happening at a quickening pace as dysfunction in the power grid grows (note the Super Bowl blackout earlier this year).

Lots of people without power for an extended period is a real possibility that the emergency federal Grid Ex. II exercises are all about. Plus, a new Energy Department report predicts major U.S. vulnerability to a “scenario that could range from a minor system being out to a widespread knowledge of unknown duration.”

More and more people are catching on, but not nearly enough to prevent social chaos on a massive scale. Since my breakthrough briefing on the coming power grid instability, the National Geographic channel has produced a special titled “American Blackout” which paints a scary and true picture about massive coming failures in the nation’s power grid.

There are similar growing problems mounting in food production and delivery systems on which 95% or more of all Americans are totally over-dependent.

Some People Plan to Come Out Ahead – Here’s How

Contrarians are individualists who develop skills to prosper by doing the opposite of what the masses do. They don’t get bent out of shape that so many people trivialize what is important and spin their wheels over what is not important. The true key skill set of a successful contrarian is to figure out what is important in their personal life and start to address it.

So, while the mainstream media creates an image of preppers as end of the world nuts, you should be willing to see past all that noise, and do what highly savvy people have been doing in greater numbers all across the country for some time now – creating strategies to navigate the financial imbalances that threaten the value of money itself, to social chaos, to planning for profound and dangerous threats to supply chains involving food, medicine, medical care, and water.

All you need is to follow a smart checklist of easy to implement, common sense precautions to begin this process. It is why Independent Living exists.

If you ask me, personal freedom begins at home. It begins with a process of organizing your personal life to mesh with the times, so that you and your family not only feel safer, you in fact are safer.