Politically-Corrupted U.S. Medicine Threatens Lives

Deadly Dengue Virus Returns to U.S.

Incompetent Health Authorities Increasingly on the Defensive

Since Obama’s federal bureaucracy taking over private health care and all, you should be aware of two key developments, both of which underscore the urgent importance of taking steps now to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from nasty new diseases.
Remember, the Medical Establishment is heavily influenced by political-correctness, which means that truth – no matter how necessary to public safety – is increasingly becoming a casualty of political agendas.
Key Development #1
Reuters news wire notes “the reemergence of dengue fever in Florida and elsewhere in the United States after 75 years.” The disease can cause flu-like symptoms, but it can easily mutate into the hemorrhagic form (meaning nasty internal and external bleeding and sudden death).
Reuters says five percent of the population of Key West, Florida, have at one point or another been infected with the dengue virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Harold Margolis told Reuters: “We’re concerned that if dengue gains a foothold in Key West, it will travel to other southern cities…”
Other facts:
  • Dengue was eradicated in the United States and much of the world in the 1940s. Unfortunately, environmental extremists orchestrated a scare campaign to ban the effective pesticide DDT in the 1970s. Since then, the dengue virus has regrouped (transmitted by mosquitoes) and now infects 50-100 million Third World residents every year… especially in Central America and Mexico, where public sanitation standards are far lower than in the United States.
  • The Reuters story noted that many of the dengue-infected Floridians had not travelled outside the country. As CDC’s Margolis noted: “These people had not travelled outside of Florida, so we need to determine if these cases are an isolated incident or if dengue has once again become endemic in the continental United States.”
  • While some private firms are working on a dengue vaccine, the wire service noted, there is little probability of a major breakthrough. Due to excessive regulation, political meddling, the high probability of post-development lawsuits, and a generally hostile U.S. environment to medical innovation, bringing new medicines to market often costs upwards of $800 million spread over a decade or more. (All for new products which might not sell… or be recalled.)
Key Development #2
A new study reaffirms the U.S. is completely unprepared for a bio-terror attack or other large-scale medical emergency: In January, 2013 a congressionally-appointed commission released its findings on the state of U.S. preparedness. It found:
  • In 17 key areas of preparation since 9/11, the government’s performance received weak grades. For example, the commission assigned an “F” to Congress and the White House because they had not built a rapid-response capability for dealing with disease outbreaks from bioterrorist attacks.
  • The government’s report card on bioterror preparations came only 13 months after another congressionally-appointed body warned that a major attack using weapons of mass destruction was “more likely than not” to occur by 2013.
Increasing Medical Self Reliance:
Government bureaucrats are so overextended and involved in so many areas of our lives that they cannot be reliable providers of national security or competently execute a game plan to protect the public from a major disease outbreak or bio-terror attack. We would all be wise to have our own contingency plans to protect ourselves in the event of a bio-terror emergency or from the alarming diseases now streaming across the U.S.-Mexican border.