Your Vitamin D Levels Could Kill You. Here’s Why…

This special subscriber briefing from Independent Living contributor William Faloon reveals why more and more doctors are ordering vitamin D tests. Vitamin D is one of the best ways to reduce your cancer and vascular disease risk, but you’ll be shocked to learn how few people are getting enough. Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct…

There have been many favorable reports recently about the disease-preventing effects of vitamin D. The fact is that no other nutrient has gained more scientific credibility in protecting against age-related ailments.
Low levels of vitamin D are linked to virtually every lethal disorder including cancer, vascular disease, and chronic inflammation. A slew of scientific studies show that adults (and children) with higher vitamin D levels contract substantially fewer cold, flu, and other viral infections. Specific biological mechanisms have been identified to explain how vitamin D protects against so many human diseases.
A non-profit group called the Life Extension Foundation® conducted an analysis of vitamin D blood levels in over 13,000 of their members. Life Extension members are some of the most dedicated dietary supplement users in the world. Most of them were taking between 1,000 and 2,000 IU each day of vitamin D.
Yes, Vitamin D Can Reduce Your Exposure to Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Disorders
The findings from Life Extension’s analysis of its members’ blood were earth shattering. It turned out that 85% had less-than-optimal vitamin D status (defined as being under 50 ng/mL of blood). Even more astounding was that 38% of these regular supplement users were deficient in vitamin D (defined as having less than 30 ng/mL in their blood).
One factor that influenced vitamin D status was age and weight. Older and heavier Life Extension members tended to have lower vitamin D blood status. Based on these new findings, Life Extension members are now taking between 7,000 and sometimes over 10,000 IU of vitamin D each day to achieve optimal vitamin D blood levels of over 50 ng/mL (measured in the blood as 25-hydroxyvitamin D).
Don’t Spend Your Money on Vitamin D Blood Tests… Yet!
Life Extension’s discovery that aging humans need to take more vitamin D is not unprecedented. Smaller studies have previously hinted that most people need to up their vitamin D intake. What was impressive about Life Extension’s study was the enormousness of the sample size.
More than 13,000 blood test results is a huge number from which to be able to extract accurate data. The fact that these people were already taking dietary supplements containing what was once considered high amounts of vitamin D reveals how important it is for anyone concerned about their health to increase substantially their vitamin D intake.
Unless you are already taking at least 5,000 IU of supplemental vitamin D each day, don’t waste your money having your blood tested now. You are almost certainly already in the insufficient or deficient ranges… meaning your risk of suffering a heart attack and contracting cancer and other degenerative diseases is sharply increased.
Get a Comprehensive Blood Test Panel for $59
You should instead add at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D each day to your regular dietary supplement regimen. After 30-45 days, order a “25-hydroxyvitamin D” blood test from the Life Extension Foundation by calling 1-888-868-2978.
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Where to Get High-Potency Vitamin D Supplements
The federal government labors under the primitive misconception that adults need only 400 IU to 600 IU of vitamin D each day. The result is that most dietary supplement formulas contain these clearly inadequate vitamin D potencies.
If you can’t find a low-cost source of high-potency vitamin D at your local health food store, call the Life Extension Buyers Club at 1-888-868-2978 and they will send you as many bottles as you need that contain 60 5,000 IU capsules of vitamin D for only $9.00 each. Just mention that you subscribe to Independent Living to obtain this discounted price.
William Faloon compiled the authoritative 1500-page medical reference book Disease Prevention and Treatment and is Director and Cofounder of the Life Extension Foundation.