Obama Seeks Leftist Media Bailout; Internet Power Grab Coming?

While the talk of forcing radio stations to air unpopular left-wing content under the auspices of “fairness” has abated (for now), the Obama administration is now acting to prop up liberal newspapers and other print publications.
A newly proposed bailout of newspapers like the New York Times could eventually lead to a scenario not unlike the automotive industry, where the federal government calls many of the shots. (This is starting to sound like the old Soviet Union, where Pravda was the official organ of the Central Committee of the governing Communist Party between 1912 and 1991.)
Obamaites’ New Scheme to Bail
Out and Control the National News Media
Jon Leibowitz, the Obama appointee who chairs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is quietly exploring an emerging Administration scheme to bail out failing newspapers. Under the Leibowitz scheme, a federal subsidy would be established for news organizations. Details follow:
  • Governmental competitive advantages would be bestowed upon the Washington Establishment’s favored media outlets, including special tax treatment, exemption from antitrust laws, and favorable changes in copyright guidelines.
  • A May 24 “working paper” on “reinventing” the media proposes that the feds tax successful independent websites such as the Drudge Report that link to electronic reading devices (Kindles, iPads, and laptops). Those monies would be redistributed to “struggling news organizations which are suffering from a collapse in advertising revenues as the Internet upends their centuries-old business model.”
  • Leibowitz, who made red-faced denials when details of his “study” to change “the way the industry is regulated” were revealed, is (for now) distancing himself from the study he ordered.
Stay tuned, this scheme could well resurface in a massive “must-pass” bill that no one but a few Capitol insiders will ever see (that is, until it’s too late).
New Law May Give Obama
Administration More Control of the Internet
The creation of the Internet in our lifetime is on a par with the invention of the printing press. When print communications were invented centuries ago, all-powerful governments with a great deal to hide from the populace were rarely more intrusive or menacing as the American central authorities are today.
Here’s what we know about a new bill working its way through Congress being championed by Senator Joe Lieberman(I-CT), Chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee…
As I warned when George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, this agency is emerging as a major new player with a vested interest in advancing statist government control over our lives. Lieberman’s bill, formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), gives federal bureaucrats the power to enforce broad but vague emergency decrees issued by the Department of Homeland Security.
Under PCNAA, any company on a list designated by the Department of Homeland Security that relies on the Internet, telephone system, or other component of the national information infrastructure would be subject to the command of a soon-to-be-created “National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC)” under the umbrella of the Homeland Security Department.
Under this PCNAA scheme, selected private Internet service providers and software companies would be required to engage in “information-sharing” with the feds. The NCCC would be granted the power to monitor the “security status” of private service providers. Under this plan:
  1. The feds would have the clout and the authority to put private encryption software makers either out of business or force them to create “back-doors” into the “security software” they sell to unsuspecting customers.
  2. With approximately 88% of all computers using Microsoft Corporation’s vulnerable and rickety programs (including their operating systems), it is just a matter of time before companies that provide services and data over the internet are successfully penetrated and crashed by hackers and/or viruses. If hackers ever do succeed in significantly disrupting those Internet services, it will be a perfect opportunity for the Obama Administration and the federal bureaucracy to “get involved” in micromanaging the Internet itself.
The creation of the PCNAA and NCCC would be highly controversial if an honest debate were ever to occur in Congress. Unfortunately, we can expect OBAMA’s allies in Congress to try to sneak these provisions into enactment, probably hidden inside a must-pass intelligence authorization bill.
The bottom line is this: the Internet and the free flow of information are a dire threat to Big Government forces and tyrants everywhere. Don’t expect them to go down without a fight!
Independent Living will keep you posted on these and other threats to your freedom to obtain information without it being filtered by federal authorities.