BREAKING: Foreign Brain Parasite Spreading through U.S.

CDC Orders All Healthcare
Centers to Contain This
Superbug Before It Jumps
to the General Community…

Woman in mask More breaking news on a subject we’ve been warning you is going to be making bigger and bigger news.

WARNING: What we’re about to tell you is not pleasant.

We need to alert you that the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is raising the alarm on a new drug-resistant superbug. Scientists call it Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE for short. CRE is a new-ish family of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

It’s not completely new to the U.S. because the first known case was discovered in 2001. But since then, it has spread at such a rate it’s now on the CDC’s most wanted list. “Our strongest antibiotics don’t work, and patients are left with potentially untreatable infections,” says CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden.

Medical Establishment Issues
an Alert That Resembles
Our Previous Warnings

The CDC is alerting medical centers like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, surgical centers, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term acute-care facilities to look out for CRE cases and stop it from spreading even more; especially outside of healthcare centers and into the general community.For the past decade, CRE cases have mostly slipped by under the public and health officials’ attention and that’s led to the present problem. “We don’t have enough… data to tell what the trend looks like,” says Pennsylvania Department of Health director of epidemiology Stephen Ostroff.


How Dangerous Is CRE Really?

“From the perspective of drug-resistant organisms, (CRE) is the most serious threat, the most serious challenge we face to patient safety,”says the CDCs associate director for prevention of healthcare Arjun Srinivasan. It may even be more lethal than the better known superbugs, MRSA, or C-Diff. Death rates among CRE infected patients is nearly 40%. And if it infects the blood, the death rate can climb to an astonishing 50%. If unchecked, experts believe the spread of CRE could change the face of healthcare, especially for those that treat patients with weak immune systems.

How Does CRE Spread?
How Can You Protect Yourself?

This germ preys on the weak (at least for now). Most cases to date are from individuals who are taking heavy doses of antibiotics because they’re getting major medical treatment (e.g. catheters, ventilators, chemo, major surgery, etc.). The antibiotics, doing their job, eliminate all other bacteria, which then leaves an open pasture for CRE to take over.

The most common way the germs spread is from person to person. The CDC says that what makes CRE especially disturbing is that this family of bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae) has the uncanny ability to spread its antibiotic resistant genes to other bacteria.

Some Good News
on This Superbug

For the moment, the areas of greatest concern are healthcare centers. This is where CRE seems to thrive, and catching it and eliminating it here can quickly turn this nightmare around.So your best option is, stay out of them! That means staying well, and unfortunately, that means avoiding hospital visits to sick loved ones if at all possible. It is possible for hospitals to reduce CRE rates if they make a concerted effort. For instance, Israel was able to cut infection rates by more than 70% in one year. An acute-care hospital in Florida cut the percentage of patients contracting CRE from 44% to zero.’

Precautions You Can Take
to Better Protect Yourself
and Your Family

Wash your hands.That’s the number one prevention strategy given to healthcare providers by the CDC. It’s a good tip for you too.

Emergency RoomAvoid healthcare centers like emergency rooms or acute and long-term care facilities. These are places CRE and CRE infected persons show up the most, especially in large cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Disinfect surfaces. These include door knobs, counter tops, and surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.

Consider using an air purifier for the home. These can trap or kill airborne spores, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and dust. Not having to breathe these in can give you an edge in staying generally healthy and keeping your immune system strong. Some quality brands you can research online are BlueAir, IQAir, and Austin Air.

Consider wearing a medical face mask for exposed situations you cannot avoid. This is helpful in especially sensitive situations such as caring for a very sick parent. You can pick up a box of these from Amazon.

Strengthen the good bacteria in your digestive system. Take a probiotic supplement and eat yogurt or kefir. Both are dairy based products that contain high amounts of good bacteria. Kefir is said to contain more than yogurt and a wider variety. The more good bacteria you have, the less real estate is available for the bad bacteria to latch onto.

For now, please do everything in your power to build up your strength and immunity. You’re going to need to be strong and healthy throughout life in order to avoid bugs like CRE and the hospitals where they thrive.