The Long Knives are Out for Tea Party Protestors

About one-thrid of Americans view the Tea Party in a favorable light, and 22% directly identify as supporters, according to a December 11, 2013 Gallup Poll.

White House allies are on the attack – they believe they must do whatever it takes to marginalize these folks. Frankly, we think it’s too late. Such efforts to downplay growing voter unrest through mockery and ugly attacks (suggesting racism, etc.) seem likely to backfire.

Former President Bill Clinton has even issued his own “warnings” against Tea Party activists, whining that members are essentially weak-minded people being whipped into a frenzy by voices on talk radio and the internet. He even suggested another Oklahoma City bombing could occur.
Rush Limbaugh responded:
“This is the president who pardoned and released a bunch of Puerto Rican terrorists on his last week in office. The FALN gang. He also pardoned the Weather Underground terrorists — and he’s now lecturing us on violence that hasn’t happened, a peaceful tea party movement. We cannot even say “Islamic” and “terrorists” in the same sentence! We cannot associate radical Islam with terrorism but the president can go out and Obama can go out and try to associate the tea party — genuine, peace-loving, middle-American citizens of this country — with future acts of terrorism?” “The tea parties, you know why they’re hated? I’ll tell you why they’re hated. If you’re a member of a tea party, if you participated in one yesterday, why you’re hated, why you’re feared: This regime and the Clintons, everybody else knows that all you want to do is defend what’s left of this country and try to rebuild it.

Political Left Announces Ruse
to Attack and Discredit Tea Party Activists

In one Internet manifesto, “Welcome to Crash the Tea Party,” leftists urge their activists to “infiltrate the Tea Party itself! In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia, we have already sat in their meetings, observed their rallies… we will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways to exaggerate their least attractive qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.)… we will also use the information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.”
The political assault against the Tea Party is going to get ugly. Also, watch for any future acts of violence to be blamed on this freedom movement. Dangerous times are ahead for defenders of liberty.