That Non-Sexy Christmas Gift People Will Appreciate

Have you considered giving THIS memorable gift for Christmas?

Tis the season, isn’t it? Makers of clothes, jewelry, electronics, and even Legos count on the fact that you want to give memorable gifts. Gifts that delight the recipient now – and are appreciated throughout the coming year. But that new dress, those jeans, and that Ultrabook will be out of style come next Christmas. Merchants bank on this to keep you coming back year after year.
And if that is your tradition, great! But if you are looking to do something a little different and meaningful this year, then read on because you have come to the right place…
A Priceless Gift for the Times We Live In
Breaking Bread
This year, why not give something truly unique, memorable, and priceless – the gift of food. I’m not talking about all that junk stuff that permeates the holidays, either. Such as candy, fruit, or thank goodness, fruitcake.
Or filling the pantry at your local homeless shelter – laudable, but still not what I’m talking about. I’m suggesting you give food that will last for a long time and will be truly appreciated when needed. Food they’ll actually eat. Food that’s delicious. Quality food that has a long shelf life helps to defeat inflation. I’m talking about smart and savvy Food Storage.
Think for a moment before you roll your eyes at this suggestion. After all, storage food isn’t sexy like a new iPod. It isn’t shiny and exciting like a new car. Last year, however, if you’d given food storage to people who live in the Northeast, they would be grateful for your far-sighted and inspired gift once they experienced Hurricane Sandy.
Whip Food Inflation and Hedge
against Our Shaky Infrastructure
With the upcoming fiscal crisis, food production breaking down and prices skyrocketing, and the situation in the Middle East, our food supply is in danger. There’s currently enough food in the retail pipeline for 72 hours only, and that distribution network can be quickly disrupted – as we saw with Hurricane Sandy.
Truckloads of food were stuck – on the road and in warehouses – because of Hurricane Sandy. Residents in Coney Island waited in long lines for milk, bread, and water – basic food that was quick to go. People as far away as Detroit lost electricity. Bridgeport, Connecticut (pop. 145,000, dominated by the dependent class) was without power for a week. Many grocery stores would only take cash because electric card readers weren’t working.
The Federal Government tried to “help,” but they’re not a panacea for preparedness. Long lines of people queued up for water, gasoline, and other basics. Many people turned into hoarders, resulting in others not getting any food or gas.
And these shortages of power and food occurred even though people were warned and ‘prepared’ for the storm. And that was for a mere Category 1 storm that made landfall after a week’s notice! Imagine what will happen when a true mega-storm (Category 3+) strikes the U.S., or an earthquake or tsunami strikes with no forewarning.
Now imagine if everyone who was hit by Hurricane Sandy had a 3-month supply of food! They would have turned to the back of their pantry instead of the back of the line to eat.
With stored food, some water, and a basic cooking source – like a gas grill or camp stove – you’re prepared to weather any storm at home.
Protection for any Personal Disaster
Besides disasters, food storage can help you weather the loss of a job. Unemployment can strike at any time. People who once worked for Hostess – 18,500 people to be exact – are now out of jobs because union bosses put the Twinkie maker out of business.
These are just of few of the millions of unemployed wondering how they and their families are going to eat and live. Their hopes for a bright Christmas are dashed. If some of those families have food storage, they’ll weather this trial with much less stress. They’ll have hope and gratitude in their hearts and be able to find a job more easily.
Consider how wonderful you’d feel if a storm struck where you live and, instead of panicking, you were able to shelter at home. You wouldn’t have to wait in long lines for bananas, milk, or oatmeal. You’d just open a can!
Think how good it would feel if you gave a loved one the gift of storage food this Christmas. In any crisis, they’d be able to turn to their pantry for a nutritious and delicious breakfast of eggs and ham. It would help them physically and psychologically. Having some food on hand would get them on their way to a new job faster and with less stress.
Or envision your college student surviving an earthquake. With food storage under her bed, she could fix comforting mac and cheese, and brownies for dessert. She’d be able to feed herself – and her roommate – for days, instead of stressing over meals. She’d be the prepared student around.
This Will Be a Popular Gift in the Future
Food storage isn’t a popular Christmas item – yet. As the price of food goes up, and more and more people realize the government can’t take care of them, food storage will be on the popular gift list. Especially our Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Reserve Food.
Christmas Gift of Emergency Food
You can be an inspired gift-giver this year. You can give warmth and comfort. You can Give the Gift of Peace of Mind this Christmas.
I can understand if you’ve put off buying food storage up until now. Most of the stuff out there isn’t worth the cans it’s stored in – unless you’re starving. Most of the food storage available is low quality and is poor tasting. Not our food storage. It’s food you’ll eat and appreciate.
Our food storage isn’t Army-type MRE’s – food you’d only eat in a live-or-die situation. It’s great-tasting, real food you’ll enjoy. Our Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Reserve Food is also a great value. It contains a bountiful supply of nutrients – plenty of calories, and enough meals for 30 days – enough food to see you through any stressful situation.
Give the Gift of Security. Give food storage. It will provide comfort for you at the back of your pantry – or under a bed.
As an added bonus, when you order our Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve, you’ll receive three free reports to help you in becoming more prepared. I’m glad to include them as my gift, in appreciation for your purchase. These reports are:
  • Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half – teaches you how to get twice as much food for your money; written by our savvy food and health editor, Heather Robson.
  • Smart Hoarding 101 – shows you how to protect yourself against food shortages and price spikes in essential items like drinking water, vitamin supplements, basic tools, equipment, and even fuel.
  • Maximum Shelf Life Reserve Food Cookbook – contains delicious recipes specific to the ingredients we send you – to suit everyone in your family and instructs you on how to use your food storage efficiently and wisely.
Giving food isn’t sexy. It isn’t always appreciated. But giving the gift of long-storing nutritious food is a true gift – one born of love and foresight into what is happening in our nation at this time.