How to Get Prescription Eyewear on the Cheap

Cost Saving Strategies
for Eyeglasses

If you don’t have enough prescription eyeglasses lying around, here is how to get more of them and on the cheap. This briefing tells you how to buy quality glasses for a fraction of what a traditional doctor’s office charges.
Of course, you probably already know about such outlets as Wal-Mart, Eye Masters, and other national name-brand discounters. These are great places to get your routine eye exams, and the prices are okay. But did you know they may not be the cheapest places to purchase prescription eye glasses or other optical gear?
There is a little-known secret that we are going to share here, and it could save you hundreds, perhaps thousands if you have a family to buy for. Best of all, it’s as close as your computer…

The Secret to Great Inexpensive Eyewear Is Out!

Our researchers have found that quality eyewear is being sold on dedicated websites, and the values are amazing. In addition to single vision, they have bifocals and progressives too. Better yet, you can purchase other neat stuff like prescription swim goggles, safety glasses, ski goggles, and sun glasses.
First, know that the prescription you get from your eye care provider actually belongs to you. You do not have to buy anything from them. That means that you are not legally or morally compelled to buy glasses from the same office. Shop around. You can use your prescription anywhere that sells glasses. The best part about it is that these websites offer their customized orders at deep discounts over brick-and-mortar storefronts.
With a current legal prescription, all you have to do is to go a websites like and and explore the range of prices, selections, and features.
Variety is the name of the game. There is a little something for everyone, and each website has unique offerings and price ranges; so don’t be afraid to look around different sites.
Most sites offer their products with categories in metal, plastic, titanium, etc. They are tailored to men’s and women’s styles, as well as offerings for children and unisex. There are options for colors of frames and lenses as well.
You might discover that these websites have far more offerings than what you would find in a doctor’s office.

You Have More Inexpensive Choices
Than You May Realize

If you want to order but are not quite sure what you will get, take this advice. Find a frame style like the one you currently have, and use it to make measurements against what is on-line. That way it will be the correct size to comfortably fit your face.
Glasses are usually measured in millimeters. This is a more exacting measurement, so it will be very helpful to locate a ruler that is measured in such. Another option is to purchase an inexpensive micrometer at your local hardware store. Having these tools will help you to navigate the selections and insure you are getting the right frames to fit your face by comparing what you already have as a reference.
You might want to order just one pair and test them out to start with. Once you feel they have the fit and quality you like, purchase other pairs. Some sites allow you to view a facial picture over the frames to see how it might look on your particular features.
Now take out your prescription form. Don’t worry if it seems a little technical – once you have it down, it’s easy to understand and gain confidence. And, of course, these websites offer all kinds of help to answer your questions as you go along. There are only a few numbers required by the on-line form to satisfy the ordering requirements.

Additional Steps to Finding Eyewear Bargains

As you might imagine, each lens has a strength of its own. This is what is known as Spherical Number, and it will have either a positive or negative number depending upon whether you are near-sighted or far-sighted. They will want to know your Pupil Distance (or PD number). This is the distance between the center of your pupils from side to side. If the doctor didn’t put in on the form – no problem! Go back and have him measure them for you. Wal-Mart eye shops will do this for you as well.
Most prescriptions are pretty straightforward. Some folks will have a Prism Correction as well as a Cylinder for others. If you have astigmatisms, it will show on the prescription too. If your doctor filled out the prescription completely and accurately, you are on your way.
Now for the thickness of the lenses. Thicker lenses cost less than thinner lenses, because they require more effort and may use more expensive stock material to grind down and polish the blanks. Some may have a stronger temper as in safety lenses, or they may be lighter for comfort. High-Index lenses bend light differently so that strong prescriptions can be thinner and avoid the “bug eye” look. There are other options offered as well, including anti-glare coatings which cut down eye fatigue.
If you have a strong prescription that gives you lenses with thick “Coke” bottle edges that are heavy and make you self conscious, then contact the provider before you order to inquire if they can bevel the edges.

You Can Get Great Prescription Sunglasses Too

Tinted and colored lenses allow you to have prescription sunglasses. You can go from a light tint to a very dark coloration – depending upon how you like your lenses. Some offer polarized lenses as well.
Most website prices start at around $10.00 a pair and move upwards. Prices reflect the materials and the lenses you want. It’s kind of like ordering a car from the factory. You have options that can reflect the final price. There are glasses for all budgets with a plethora of styles to fit almost everyone on a budget.
Most on-line discounters don’t accept insurance plans. Fortunately, their prices are low. A bonus is they tend to offer very reasonable shipping rates and options to fit your needs.
Your vision is precious. Failing to see an eye doctor at least every two years may put your vision in jeopardy. As long as you have your prescription, it’s easy and affordable to buy glasses over the internet, and you can enjoy having spare pairs in the car, shop, camper, or wherever.