New Gun Grabbing Schemes Stimulate Gun Sales

Gun Sales Way Up
Foreign Powers Move to Disarm Americans… (Again)

I’ve believed for awhile that owning guns and ammo is a good investment. A sign of the times, sorry to say. And gun sales are way up right now. The reason for the growth in gun sales?

Americans support greater gun rights. A Pew Research Center poll in April found 49% of the population favors protecting gun rights, while 45% favor gun control. This is almost the exact opposite from just four years ago.

Indeed, other revealing gun acceptance trends:
  • Senior citizens are the biggest new group of gun buyers, says gun shop owner Larry Hyatt of Charlotte, NC;
  • 47% more women are shooting today than a decade ago, according to The National Sporting Goods Association;
  • 23% of American women own at least one gun, according to a Gallup poll.

Despite Broader Gun Ownership Acceptance,
Political Forces Scheme to Emasculate Second Amendment Rights

Gun control extremists use a broad-spectrum program to assault gun rights. They don’t just go after guns. They go after ammo and ammo clips, burden law-abiding citizens with needless red tape, and seek ways to side step the Constitution through global gun-control treaties.
Back in July, pro-gun supporters forced the U.S. State Department to back off Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations at the U.N. Effectively, the conference ended with no completed treaty. This was a great victory.
However, globalist gun grabbers left the conference with a nearly complete international gun control blueprint. And in August, they used it as a beachhead to launch a new attack on law-abiding, pro-gun supporters – the “Programme against Small Arms”; a new attempt at a U.N. gun ban.
The danger, according to the National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR), is this could be implemented without Congressional approval, sidestepping our Constitutional rights. NAGR lists these topics as some of the laws the Programme against Small Arms wants to impose on American gun owners:
  • Enact even more restrictive licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more red tape just to exercise a right guaranteed to us by the Constitution;
  • Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);
  • Ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons;
  • Create an International Gun Registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation.

Defend Your Second Amendment Rights!

One thing to consider to better protect your supply of ammo is to hand load. Many hand loaders claim to save money (after some practice) and shoot a better quality bullet since they’re in control. And for the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any pending regulation against hand-loaded ammunition. You can find new or used kits online; search for “ammo reload kits” to get started.
To protect your 2nd Amendment rights, consider supporting organizations such as Gun Owners of America, National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR), and the Second Amendment Foundation.
If you’re unfamiliar with guns but would like to get comfortable and handle one responsibly and accurately, take a professional gun-training course. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is well respected by novices, law enforcement, and even military personnel for its effective and non-drill-sergeant-attitude classes.
And, of course, get yourself a gun if you don’t already have one!