Government Control Spills onto Your Dinner Plate…

Another Nanny-State Wakeup Call

Soda Ban
From children’s lemonade stands to sneaky new speed traps, bureaucrats are getting in our faces, big-time.
Enter New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban on servings larger than 16 oz. at restaurants, fast food joints, and street vendors. It’s nanny-state government on steroids.
The political cover Bloomberg and his self-anointed do-gooders are using to push for this additional power is: Our constituents are obese and they can’t help themselves, only we bureaucrats know what’s best and can rescue them from sugary soda.
This move is beyond patronizing. It’s insulting. If they get away with this, there is no logical stopping point. The city’s famed pizza joints will be limited to selling one slice per customer. Patrons at the city’s acclaimed steakhouses will be permitted to have the petite filet only – no more 22 oz. ribeyes. They will – literally – start taking candy from babies.

Lifestyle Tyrants Start Locally
and Eventually Take Their Schemes
to the National Level

Don’t be lulled into thinking that this is “just a local issue.” Places like New York and San Francisco are well known as the nurseries of social engineering experiments that eventually get adopted coast-to-coast. The fact that politicians feel justified to even conceive of such a plan to control what you eat shows the total disregard for individual liberty. It’s a sickness that permeates our country at every level of government.
It’s one more reminder of the need to stay vigilant and defend your independence and self-reliance. Look at these related eating trends (all done for your own “protection”):
  • Armed FDA agents raid dairy farms and shut them down to prevent you from buying unpasteurized milk;
  • As recently discovered by a Michigan housewife who faces 93 days in jail, local laws can even prohibit you from growing vegetables on your own property;
  • All-knowing school health officials inspect your child’s sack lunch brought from home – if they disapprove, your child is forbidden from eating it and forced to buy and eat the cafeteria food;
  • Feds fine a Utah high school $15,000 because it accidentally violated a federal law, failing to power off a soda vending machine during lunch period. Now the school will have less money for enrichment programs;
  • To one-up New York City, Illinois is proposing a “Fat Tax” to protect adults from the ravages of eating too many calories, hamburgers, and fast food;

This Law Is a Sick Joke!

What makes New York’s soda ban comical is that you can still buy a big bottle of soda of any size at any supermarket or convenience store; you can buy a 40-oz beer; and you can buy and eat as much junk food and candy as you wish, and no one is encouraged to exercise!
Empire State of Donuts
The argument to save people from getting fat is nothing but hot air. Two days after proposing the soda ban, mayor Bloomberg publicly celebrated National Donut Day!
When asked by a reporter if this sounds ridiculous due to his recent soda ban, Bloomberg replied, “It doesn’t sound ridiculous. One doughnut is not going to hurt you. In moderation, most things are OK.”
The reporter followed up, “If anything in moderation works for doughnuts – why not with soft drinks?”
Bloomberg: “That is exactly what we’re trying to do with soft drinks – is get you to drink in moderation.”

For the record, a disapproved 20-oz bottle of Coca-Cola has 240 calories; Dunkin Donut’s highly popular Boston Kreme Donut has 310 calories. Even the ultra-liberal New York Times pointed out Bloomberg’s hypocrisy.

This Wasn’t New York’s First Attempt
to Wage War on Soda

  • In 2009, there was a move to levy special taxes on soda;
  • In 2010, they tried to blacklist soda purchases with food stamps. This is not a totally offensive idea since food stamps are funded with other people’s money, and it is not beyond the pale for there to be strings attached. But, disrupting the trade between legally consenting adults, using their own money in a free market, is not the same.
The “sheeple” are accustomed to allowing legislators to mandate their life. They don’t understand the underlying danger and message laws like these spread. And more importantly, this indirectly threatens your right to be left alone when you’re online, when you travel, when you educate your children, and with what you decide to put inside your body.
Sure, you should choose healthier living. But, allowing legislators to mandate what you can and cannot put in your body definitely leads to less freedom and liberty. Keep watch for these ever-expanding and encroaching laws.