Major Arthritis Pain Breakthrough!

A Cutting-Edge Treatment
for a Debilitating Disease

Joint Pain
If you’re over 65, it’s even odds that you suffer from osteoarthritis. In fact, this painful degenerative disease affects around 40 million adults in the United States. In the next couple of decades, that number will climb to 70 million.
Osteoarthritis is a painful, expensive disease. It can make it hard for you to do everyday activities like walking up stairs or rising from a chair. It can prevent you from doing things you love like playing golf or tennis or dancing.
For most people living with arthritis, the treatment options boil down to painkillers or surgery. But, now you have a new option to consider.

Healing Nutrients in Your Own Blood

Some osteoarthritis patients and their doctors are turning to a new therapy that can actually heal joints and may even help to regrow lost cartilage tissue.
The therapy is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. With this therapy, doctors separate plasma out from your own blood and inject it into damaged joints. For some patients, the effects are immediate and dramatic, with many reporting complete pain relief after just two treatments.
The PRP injections stimulate healing through a variety of methods, including promoting cellular growth and remodeling tissues. Most patients feel improvement within two to six rounds of treatment.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy - Injection
PRP injections are still a relatively new therapy and while research has been done showing the benefits, the body of research is not large enough for some doctors to feel comfortable recommending this therapy. And, not everyone experiences the same dramatic results as some patients do.
Because of this, many doctors hesitate to offer the therapy as an alternative to surgery. However, a growing number of doctors DO suggest that their patients try the injections before turning to surgical options.
And this makes sense. The therapy is natural. Because the injections contain compounds from your own blood, it’s completely safe, with a very minimal risk of side effects. The treatment can be hugely effective and eliminate the need for surgery. And, it’s much more affordable than surgery. Treatments run about $2,000 per round of injections versus a knee replacement surgery, for example, which comes in around $50,000.
Among the studies available, more than half of patients find PRP injections to provide a satisfactory level of relief, and the relief from PRP injections is more effective than other types of injections like corticosteroids.

Sometimes It’s Smart to Forget About
Your Insurance Company

PRP injections have two main drawbacks. First, you may still need surgery if they don’t work. And, second, many insurance companies don’t yet cover the cost of the injections, so you may be looking at higher out-of-pocket expenses.
But, balance that with less recovery time, less risk, and a less invasive procedure and you might decide it’s worth it. Plus, you may find that your insurance company will foot the bill.
Not all doctors have given PRP injections their blessing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue the therapy. It’s your body – your pain. You should be able to use whatever treatments are available and proven safe… even if those treatments are drug-free and don’t offer a large profit margin to the medical establishment!
To find a local doctor who will perform PRP injections, call around to osteopathic physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and pain-management centers in your area to discuss the therapy and the costs associated with the procedure.
You can also ask your family doctor if he can recommend someone who does PRP injections. Because of the growing popularity of PRP injections (many sports stars have used the therapy with impressive results), more and more doctors offer the treatment – and that means it will get easier and easier to locate someone in your area who does the procedure.

Find Natural Relief from Mild Arthritis

If your arthritis isn’t so bad that you’re considering surgery, but you are looking for a way to cut down on the painkillers, Mother Nature provides several things you might try.
Indian Spice Turmeric
The common Indian spice turmeric has good anecdotal evidence for relieving chronic pain. Some doctors find that their patients are able to quit traditional painkillers entirely when they start taking a daily turmeric supplement.
Researchers suspect that turmeric helps your body regulate its own inflammatory response, which can help to reduce pain and swelling in your joints. Omega-3s essential fatty acids provide another potential source for natural pain relief. Omega-3s play a role in healthy cell formation and in our core metabolic functions. When you get enough omega-3 fatty acids, it can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, and according to a study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, can also help to reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis.
To get the full benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, you need to take a supplement that contains long-chain omega-3s including EPA and DHA. Flaxseed oil supplements won’t cut it since they contain primarily ALA. Look for a good fish oil, krill oil, or cod liver oil supplement to get the blend of omega-3s that you need.

Yes, Natural Foods Can
Help You Beat Arthritis Pain

Finally, a tasty way to fight arthritis pain is to eat more cherries.
Juicy Tart Red Cherries
Cherries – especially tart, red cherries, although any type of cherry will help – are packed with anthocyanins, nutrients that fight inflammation and relieve pain.
It doesn’t really matter how you eat your cherries. You can snack on them raw, cooked, or canned. You can drink cherry juice, or you can eat them dried. People who eat eight ounces of cherries a day typically experience noticeable relief to the pain in their joints.
Arthritis may not be a deadly disease, but it certainly can be devastating. Armed with the knowledge of how PRP injections can help you – and understanding what natural foods can provide relief – will help you be ready to take on your arthritis, put an end to your pain, and enjoy moving pain-free again.