Feds Launch New Sneak Attack against Vitamins

Another Government Attack
on Your Healthcare Freedom

The political class continues to advance its power at the expense of sound medicine for millions of Americans. This time official Washington is gearing up a new program to go after the producers of natural supplements. The result is going to make vitamin supplements harder to get and far more expensive.
Let’s take a closer look at what the Washington Charlatans are up to now and what you can do to protect yourself.
First though, note the FDA’s long-standing scare campaign against natural vitamin supplements which is easily defeated with facts. Using figures from 2008, the American Association of Poison Control does not have a record of a single case where a person died from supplement use.
Compare that to the government-dominated drug industry. In 2008, 106,000 people died from proper prescription drug usage. That’s right, proper drug usage. That means these folks were taking their medicines according to their doctors’ instructions and they still died from drug side effects.

Uncle Sam Wants No Alternatives
to Prescription Drugs, Period

Uncle Sam Prescription Drugs
Now, before we go on, let us just say, we’re not attacking prescription drugs or calling for more regulation. We do believe prescriptions are overused, but we think prescriptions save far more lives than they endanger, and we don’t want to see more regulations piled on an industry that’s already crippled by them.
Our point is, when supplements are so obviously not a danger, why waste time and resources to regulate them further and why limit the choices that Americans have when it comes to how they care for their health.

We can’t think of one good reason to hinder the supplement industry unless you desire more control over the people, want a sicker population, or hope to line the pockets of certain campaign contributors.

Legislating Away Your Rights
Along with Your Private Medical Choices

The current attack on supplements is coming from two directions.
First, from Congress, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has introduced a bill that would require dietary supplement manufacturers to register every supplement they produce with the FDA including a list of ingredients and dosages sizes, a description of the supplement, and a copy of the label.
This may sound harmless on the face of things, but it opens the door for the FDA to begin having a say in the dosage sizes that supplement manufacturers use.
If a supplement includes a dose that is significantly higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), then the FDA might insist the manufacturer reduce the dose or, even worse, may reclassify the supplement as a drug requiring a prescription.
Given the fact that RDA values are set at the absolute minimum level to prevent the symptoms of a deficiency, this is an awful way to determine how much people should take of any given supplement.
For example, the RDA for vitamin D is between 400 and 800 IU depending on your age and gender. That dose is enough to prevent rickets, a bone disease associated with vitamin D deficiency. But, according to many experts and a good deal of research, taking at least 1000 IU a day will help you achieve the levels of vitamin D associated with optimum health.

FDA Bureaucracy Looks Longingly
to Europe’s Crushing of Vitamin Choices

So, what if the FDA looks at a registered supplement that contains 1000 IU, and determines that’s too high? You may be faced with spending more on a lower dose supplement that requires you to double up on how often you take it, or asking your doctor for a prescription for high dose vitamin D.
If you think that’s unlikely, just look at Europe. They’ve already taken this step.
This new bill simply opens the gate for bureaucrats to have more say in what supplement companies can produce and what you can buy.
But, it doesn’t stop there. The FDA has also recently released a new set of guidelines that if implemented will make it almost impossible for supplement companies to stay in business.

Federal Poison Pill Is Mortal Threat
to Supplement Manufacturers in U.S.

These “guidelines” state that the FDA must give approval for every ingredient in every supplement. (The only exception is for ingredients that were already on the market prior to October 1984.) The guidelines also require supplement companies to remove their products from interstate commerce until approval is received – a term that won’t be less than 75 days.
Federal Poison Pill
Can you imagine having to shut down your major sales channels for two and a half months while you wait for FDA approval? How many companies can survive that long with diminished revenues? And, the waiting period may be longer… it just won’t be shorter.
Currently, once an ingredient is approved for one supplement, it’s approved industry wide. These new guidelines will change that, requiring each company to get approval for every ingredient in every supplement. If they use the same ingredient in three supplements, they’ll need to get it approved three times!
The paperwork here is unbelievable. And, these guidelines make it possible for the FDA to start choosing winners and losers in the supplement industry.
This all adds up to the potential for a big decrease in your access to natural supplements. And it begs the question, what can you do to protect yourself and preserve your natural-born right to benefit from what nature makes readily available?

Protect Your Access to Nature’s Healing Gifts

Government regulations like these make our collective blood boil. We can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t be able to purchase a natural supplement with an existing track record of safety without hindrance from government officials.
But, that’s what we’re faced with, folks. Fortunately, this bill hasn’t made it through Congress yet, and the FDA hasn’t yet approved these punishing new guidelines. You still have time to make yourself heard. And, that’s the first step to protecting your access to whatever natural supplements you choose to use.
Nature's Healing Gifts
  1. Protest: Contact your Congressman and both your Senators. If you aren’t sure who your representative is, you can find out here: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml. Call their offices and send them each a letter. Let them know you expect them to vote no on Sen. Durbin’s bill when it comes to the floor. Then, write to the FDA and tell the bureaucrats what you think of their new proposed guidelines. Hopefully, if we all make enough noise, we won’t have to worry about heavy-handed restrictions on the supplement industry. If not, the next thing to do is…
  2. Get informed about the supplements you use and the supplements currently available for any health conditions you’re dealing with. Learn about the best dosages, the best way to take the supplements and what plants they each come from.
  3. Then, stock up on the supplements you currently take. Many supplements will keep for a year if you store them unopened in a cool place. Start buying two or three bottles instead of just one. Put the extras away in case you need them in the future. Don’t forget to rotate through your reserves to keep them fresh.
  4. Start growing your own medicinal herbs. You can dry them and use them to make teas, tinctures and topical ointments. And, at this time, the government isn’t threatening backyard gardens… although at this rate, it might get there.
  5. And finally, get educated on all the natural alternatives to boost your health and vitality.
It’s sad that you have to go to such lengths to be ready for anything, but government overreach is becoming the standard mode of operation. It’s best to be prepared. And even more important to complain about it. Spread the word!