Authorities Warn of New Superbugs – Family Back-Up Plan Needed…

Science is quite literally losing the war against dangerous infections, and millions of lives are hanging in the balance.
In the coming months and years, even establishmentarian news of this crisis is going to seep out as the world continues to move toward a scenario of untreatable infections.
A major cause? The overuse of existing antibiotics and the prohibitive costs of developing new infection fighting agents.
We’ve been warning for some time that the pace of medical advancements has slowed by at least 50% under the current regulatory and legal approval mess in the United States. It now takes almost a decade and nearly a billion dollars to develop experimental new drugs.
So small innovators are out, and Big Pharma is in. The European Centre for Disease Control and other health authorities are deeply worried that what had been “last-line” treatments for multi-drug resistant infections such as carbapenems, the most powerful class of antibiotics, are becoming less and less effective.
Mark Spenger, director of the ECDC, told the London-based newspaper The Independent that “The situation is critical. We need to declare war against these bacteria.”

Medical Community Alarmed
about Ineffectiveness
of Traditional Antibiotics

Highly resistant strains of E. coli are running rampant in Spain and Italy, notes the U.K. Health Protection Agency, referring to a nightmare scenario. Among the great worries is the fact that it now takes two forms of antibiotics to beat spreading gonorrhea, which many officials regard as a harbinger of this disease becoming essentially untreatable.
The World Health Organization now admits that the deteriorating effectiveness of existing antibiotics to treat dangerous infections is a global trend. They warn that the over-use of antibiotics and the lack of new medicines to fight highly adaptive infectious agents could return the world to a pre-antibiotic era.