3 MUSTS for Surviving Social Chaos

Accelerating Toward a Breakdown

Keeping Healthy in the Long Term
We don’t know what will be the spark that sets off widespread social chaos. But if it does, expect such results as roving mobs and looted grocery stores, overwhelming the containment capacity of local law enforcement.
We do know that this is one more reminder that every family needs to do three things, starting right now. (Hopefully you’ve already begun taking these three steps, and NOW is the right time to complete them or review them.)
  1. Prepare your household to shelter in place. That means that you’re ready to weather economic and social disruptions from a complete economic breakdown to essential item shortages to violence in the streets. You have food, water, medicine, and fuel to last for 90 days. And, you have a means of protecting yourself. In the event of a major breakdown, whether it’s triggered by violent protesters or a natural disaster, being able to survive and thrive at home is ideal. However, it’s not always possible.
  2. One thing you must not put off any longer is preparing for a quick exit. You and your family need to have a pack of essential items that you can grab and then immediately move to a safer place. Whether there’s a flood of water or a flood of angry people heading your way, the ability to get out fast may be what saves your life.
  3. There’s no point in a safe and speedy exit if you don’t have some place to go. We’re starting to see like-minded groups of people set up vacation properties that double as a safe haven should they need to make a quick exit from the spreading chaos in the cities.

    You may be lucky and have a close relative in the country with plenty of space to put you and your family up if you need it. If not, now is the right time to start considering a cabin in the woods, a mountain retreat, or a second home in the country. If that’s not financially feasible, talk with people in your family or community who share your concerns and look into sharing the costs.

Growing Unrest in the Big City
Means Big Trouble for Those Who Aren’t Prepared

Little Things You Do Now Will Make a Big Difference Later

We’re big believers in the power of small, incremental actions. It works for business. It works for wealth-building. It works for personal goals. And, it’s a great way to continually build your levels of preparedness.
If you don’t already have basic supplies in place, get 30 days worth as fast as you can. Then, add to your supplies every week. A dozen more cans of food. A few more gallons of water. Extra medical supplies. New books for your library.
Add to your skills every week, too. Practice shooting. Take a first-aid class. Learn about gardening.
Slow and steady growth like this means that you’re always in tune with your preparedness plan; that you have a good handle on your supply inventory. And, it means that you’re more prepared today than you were yesterday. That’s a good trend to establish and stick to.
Things are coming to a head, and the changes we’re going to see are unpredictable. You can’t know if you’ll be able to stay safely at home or if you’ll need to escape a tidal wave of chaos and violence. Take action to prepare for both possibilities and you and your loved ones will have greater peace of mind.